The Year of Awesomeness Jar

Happy New Year!

The end of the year is not only a great time to celebrate, but also a great time of year to reflect back on all the awesome things that happened in the past year. Because soon enough, the focus will be on 2016, resolutions and change.

To honor the end of the year our family created a tradition called the Year of Awesomeness Jar.

First, you think about all the great things that happened to you and your family in the past year. The sky’s the limit here… did someone do great in school or sports? Did anyone volunteer? Was it a year of trying new things? Did your sports team rock it? Did you add new family members or adopt new pets, or did you keep the family fish alive for another year? Did you travel to favorite places or discover new ones? Were you eating homegrown tomatoes into November? You get the idea.

Then, typeset them on the computer or simply write them on paper. Then fold them in half and place in a jar or hat or any container. You can even add some confetti or streamers to liven up the presentation. Do it all yourself as a surprise to the family or have everyone contribute their own.

On New Year’s Eve, have each person take turns pulling one out and reading it aloud. It’s fun to be reminded of good things from the past year and how much awesomeness you have in your life, if you pause to recognize it.


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