U-Pick Fun at Blooms & Berries

I secretly want to be a farmer. I love being outside, love farm animals, love traipsing around muddy fields in my boots. I love fresh-cut flowers and picking my own produce. I don’t mind doing yard work (and we have a big yard and quasi-broken push mower that is not easy to operate). My kids share this passion — and that’s why we all adore Blooms & Berries. Last weekend we went for a morning of strawberry U-Pick fun at Blooms & Berries — and, the kids are already talking about going back for blueberries!

If you have little kids, the thought of going out in the fields can be a bit daunting. But — it’s really the perfect place for kids, even little ones! Here are 5 tips for maximum U-Pick fun at Blooms & Berries:

Call Before You Go

walking to field
Blooms & Berries is currently open seven days a week:

  • Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and
  • Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

So, with it being summer break, you can go at your convenience!

However — because the picking conditions at Blooms & Berries (and any U-Pick farm, for that matter) are totally dependent on a number of variables (weather, rainfall, what spots were “picked out” the previous day), you need to call (513-697-9173) before you go. Or, simply visit the website for an update on picking conditions. You don’t want to get your kids all excited, only to drive all the way there and find out that U-Pick is closed for the day (we’ve all been there, and it’s no fun!)

Think: Washable

Rain boots, Crocs, washable slip-ons — you want to come prepared! I know everyone likes to take advantage of photo ops at such a picturesque place — but berry picking can be messy business! There was straw covering the muddiest spots, so my kids fared pretty well; however, I still had to hose everyone’s shoes down when we got home.

Plus, after picking, your kids will want to ride the gigantic tire slide, see the goats and bunnies or check out the mama turkey sitting on her nest! (When we visited, she had two weeks left until the babies hatched.) Your kids will be running through farm grounds to see all of these animals and play in the playground — so be sure they are dressed appropriately!

Avoid a Farmer’s Tan

three guys in hats
Let’s just say, I know all about the infamous “farmers tan.” Strawberries grow in bushes close to the ground — so while you’re bent over in search of the best berries, your neck and arms will be targets for the sun! We wore sunscreen, but I could see areas where I skimped, like the backs of arms and necks. I definitely advise picking an overcast day — and wearing a hat!

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Get Dirty!

perfect berries
You’re at a farm, rooting around in the ground for berries — let the kids get dirty! They will step in puddles, sit in muddy spots, get dirt under their nails, berry juice on their hands and soft serve on their shirt. It’s all part of the process — and it’s fun! Seriously — connecting with nature in such a hands-on way feels good, and is also really educational for kids. (Which is why those washable clothes are key.)

Put a Cherry Strawberry On Top

soft serve
Blooms & Berries has its own soft serve station in the Market Barn. Not only is this a great incentive for your kids (who may be U-picked out by this point), but there’s an area where you can wash and cut you own berries to use as topping for your frozen treat! Julian got the “swirl” (strawberry + vanilla), and gobbled up his freshly picked berries first.

Strawberry U-Pick generally goes until June 10(ish), but is totally weather-dependent. The best way to stay up-to-date is by checking the U-Pick page by joining Blooms & Berries email list. Once strawberry season is over, look for blueberry U-Pick to start around the third week of June.

j blur copy

Strawberries are $2.25 per pound, and you can bring your own container or purchase one from Blooms & Berries. When you arrive, you’ll check-in at the Market Barn or in the Garden Center to have your container weighed and get directions to the fields. (Also, please note that dogs are not allowed to join in the U-Pick fun, for obvious food safety reasons!)

Blooms & Berries is located at 9669 S. St. Rt. 48, Loveland, Ohio 45140. Join their email list, follow them on Facebook or simply call (513-697-9173) to stay up-to-date with U-Pick conditions.

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