Strawberry U-Pick Season Has Begun at Blooms & Berries!

Strawberry U-Pick season has begun at Blooms & Berries!

Last year, a perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances compromised the strawberry crops at this Loveland gem. Happily, advanced planning, lots of research and a few of strawberry dances have yielded the picture-perfect berries that Blooms & Berries is best-known for. Here’s everything you need to know about Strawberry U-Pick at Blooms & Berries:

1. Strawberry U-Pick season lasts just a few weeks.

Strawberry season runs now through early June(ish). U-Pick conditions are dependent on a number of factors, so even though we’re reaching peak strawberry season, the fields at Blooms & Berries aren’t open every day — and even the U-Pick hours on a given day can vary. That’s why you’ll want to bookmark Blooms & Berries U-Pick page, which is updated daily with field conditions, crop availability and picking hours. 

2. Plan your visit before you go

Do you want to stay and play? Or do some serious strawberry picking only? New this year: you will pay for everyone 3 and up. You can purchase a field pass ($2/person over 2) to pick strawberries, but this pass is for picking only – not the playground. Want to stay and play? A $4 Pick & Play Pass includes admission to Farmyard Fun Play Area and Field Pass during U-Pick hours.

Thinking of going frequently throughout the summer? At just $10, a Season Pass is your best bet. This pass includes unlimited Farmyard Fun Play through Aug. 18 and unlimited field passes during open U-Pick times. In addition to strawberries, Blooms & Berries will be offering blueberry, sugar snap and tomato U-Pick… so this is a tremendous deal!

3. Look for all-red berries!

The strawberry fields at Blooms & Berries are full of red, ripe berries, making for the most exciting treasure hunt for your kids. Harvey eagerly combed through rows and rows of strawberry plants, looking for berries that were red all over (turn them over — you want there to be no white! White means the fruit hasn’t reached peak ripeness.) Picking produce is always a fun lesson for teaching kids where food comes from — plus it’s a fun way to spend some time outdoors.

4. Dress in your farm clothes

It’s a farm… and the fields get muddy. Put your kids in rain boots to protect their feet and don’t wear anything that can’t get dirty!

5. Always check the U-Pick page before you go

U-Pick times can vary by day and even hour. Blooms & Berries updates their U-Pick page constantly, definitely check the times and conditions before you promise your kids a day of fun at the farm! Strawberry season runs now through early June, and U-Pick strawberries at Blooms & Berries are $2.95/lb or $2.75 for 10 lbs or more.

Are you more of a blueberry fan? Blueberry season starts in late June(ish) and works a little differently from Strawberry U-Pick. Blueberry U-Pick utilizes a picking ticket system: a pick date is selected; Blooms & Berries emails the subscribers on their email list with a link to a select number of picking tickets. Picking tickets are $5 each (age 2 and up) and include all-day access to the Farmyard play area. Tickets are first come, first serve.

Blooms & Berries truly is one of the most family friendly places in Cincinnati, and a summertime visit guarantees you’ll see the best of its eponymous blooms and berries! 

Blooms & Berries is located at 9669 S. St. Rt. 48 in Loveland. U-Pick hours and conditions can be found on their U-Pick page here.

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