Ultimate School Guide Interview Form

Parents use the Ultimate Guide to Southwest Ohio Schools as a starting point for exploring options in childhood education. Using a Q&A styled interview, Southwest Ohio Parent asks schools questions parents ask the most. Interviews will stay online for 1 year, and updates can be made if needed.

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  • Interview Questions

    These answers will be used for an interview styled article. If a question does not apply to your school, just leave it blank. Try to limit your answers to 1 paragraph or less per question.
  • Images and Video

  • Upload up to 10 images to be used within the article. Please make sure to select a range of photos that represent your school.

    *If photo file size is too large it may not upload. Please feel free to email Wendy Hasser ([email protected]) your photos if you run into any issues.

    Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Please label any image captions you would like to include in the article.
  • Please add a link to a youtube video if you would like us to include it in the online article.
  • Is there anything else you want to add? If we left out a question you would like to answer, just add it in below!