USA Ninja Challenge

Are you always telling your kids to “stop climbing on the furniture?” Do your kids love playgrounds? Do you suspect your offspring are, in fact, ninjas? Then you’ll be very excited to hear about USA Ninja Challenge.

USA Ninja Challenge just opened in Cincinnati, and it’s everything your little ninjas could ever dream of — and more. With the straightforward mission of “Turning Kids into Ninjas One Obstacle at a Time,” USA Ninja Challenge is an epic, obstacle-filled indoor playground.

I have three little ninjas in my house (and one pint-sized ninja in training), and we got to check out USA Ninja Challenge during the Grand Opening event. With ropes, rings, ladders, balance beams, rock walls and soft-block courses, my kids were enthralled by USA Ninja Challenge.

USA Ninja Challenge has activities for gymnasts, tumblers, climbers and, of course, ninjas. Each station offers a different obstacle course designed to improve strength, flexibility and all-around athleticism — all in a fun, fast-paced environment. My kids were put through a battery of activities focused on strength, agility and other crucial ninja skills. The coaches at USA Ninja Challenge were all very enthusiastic and really motivated the kids to keep moving.

Designed for kids ages 4-17, USA Ninja Challenge currently offers classes (you’ll get a month pass), birthday parties (what a fun idea — especially for winter birthdays!) and summer camps. There’s an annual registration fee of $40 that’s prorated throughout the year.

A few tips:
  • There’s a dress code:
    • Have your kids wear t-shirts and comfy, tight-fitting clothes, like leggings or capris.
    • Shorts are recommended, but for my younger kids, the extra coverage was helpful!
    • Put long hair up with a soft hair tie – barrettes aren’t allowed
    • Kids complete the courses in bare feet.
  • Be sure to sign the waiver before you go — it’s super easy, and gets emailed directly to the folks at USA Ninja Challenge (no printing necessary!)

To be honest, we have been searching for something exactly like USA Ninja Challenge in Cincinnati. My kids love to move and tumble around, and I want to let them do that. But I don’t want them fighting each other, wrestling on the furniture or getting out of control. USA Ninja Challenge is a much-needed outlet for this wild kid energy, transforming energetic kids into strong, skilled ninjas. If you’ve been looking for an alternative to gymnastics or tumbling, have kids that love yoga, dance or swimming, or just want a safe space for your kids to be kids, definitely check out USA Ninja Challenge. We will definitely be back for classes, as my kids can’t stop talking about how much fun they had!

USA Ninja Challenge is located at 4727 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati, OH. Call us at 513-739-5528 for more information or to sign up for classes!

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