You to The Rescue

Rehoming is the theme at You to the Rescue. This upscale resale boutique offers a place for your gently used items to find a new home, including clothing, accessories and home goods. The bonus is that You to the Rescue is a nonprofit helping animals to find new homes by contributing up to 70% of its profit to two local rescue organizations — the Animal Adoption Foundation ( in Hamilton, and Save the Animals Foundation ( in Cincinnati. Each sale counts toward what You to the Rescue can contribute.  

Rescue Inspiration 

You to the Rescue was started by Amy Miller, a local speech-based therapist. She spent 20 years helping others to communicate but found her passion in her pets. It started with Manny, a Great Dane puppy she purchased from a breeder. Manny soon needed a friend, and Amy turned to a local rescue organization where she found Dirk. The experience of rehabilitating a traumatized Great Dane changed her life and became the impetus for her work in helping animals. Her mission is to help those without a voice: local cats and dogs. 

If shopping’s not your thing, You to the Rescue offers an online donation portal directly to local rescues so you can “paws it forward” to local no-kill shelters. 

9510 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati | 

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