10 Cincinnati-Inspired Halloween Costumes

The pumpkins are in are in their place. 
And cornstalks hung with care. 
T’was just a few weeks before Halloween, 
Yet, your little monsters have nothing to wear!


You scramble and you panic, 
You stay up late at night, 
Wondering just wondering, 
How you’ll ever make this right. 


Fear not my fellow kid-raisers, 
I know just what to do, 
These Cincy-inspired costumes
Are a trick-or-treater’s dream come true! 


I’ve always loved a homemade costume. Or at least a store-bought costume that I can alter for my own witty spin. And guess what? Cincinnati is full of fun Halloween costume ideas! Behold: 10 Cincinnati Inspired Halloween costumes: 

Trick or Treat Times:



1. Bengal Tiger
I know I know. This one is obviously not one of my most creative ideas, but it is able to be store bought if you’re out of time. And it’s football season, add a football helmet. Done and done.


2. Skyline Cheese Coney
Find a hotdog costume, add brown felt and orange yarn and be transformed into everyone’s favorite chili dog!


3. Oktoberfest Zinzinnati
Photo credit: Cincinnati USA
Easy Peasy. Pick up a Lederhosen costume at your nearest Halloween store.


4. Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream
This may take a little creativity to form the cone or cup, but a purple shirt and black construction paper will give you a quick, but sweet Halloween treat!


5. The “Queen City”
Paint or draw the Cincinnati skyline on a t-shirt and wear a crown on your head. voila! Queen City!
6. Rosie Red/Mr. Red

All you need is a Reds jersey and some red and white face paint and you’re trick-or-treat ready.


7. A Flying Pig
All you need is a pink sweatshirt, pink sweatpants and some wings and pig nose from a Halloween store and you’re ready to go! *Bonus points for laced up sneakers and a race bib or medal!


8. A Busken Cookie
Oh, the wonders of black construction paper, cut out a smiley face and tape it to a yellow shirt. Even the most artistically challenged of us could handle this one.


9. The Fountain Square Fountain
Black sweats and streamers are all you need for this one. Hot glue some sparkly streamers from the ends of the sleeves to create “water.”


10. And last but certainly not least …. our beloved #TeamFiona!
Photo credit: Cincinnati Zoo Blog
Grab a hippo costume and you’re all set!


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