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Playground time means outdoor fun for everyone. Check out our guide below for the coolest, biggest, most unique, and most accessible playgrounds around Cincinnati!

Pine Hill Lakes Park

Pine Hill Lakes Park

211 Kings Mills Road in Mason, Ohio 45040

Three words: fenced in playground. There’s so much more to be said about the awesome playground at Pine Hill Lakes Park in Mason but a fenced in playground reigns supreme! This 82 acre park is home to two gorgeous lakes surrounded by paved walking trails, restrooms, arboretum, butterfly meadow, gorgeous scenery and playground.

Highlights: Fenced in and mulch free!

Alms Park

710 Tusclum Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45226

Not only does Alms Park offer one of the best playgrounds in the city it also has one of the coolest playgrounds. The modern playground has a bunch of opportunity for climbing, bouncing, and swinging while having the safety of astroturf below.

Highlights: Climbing wall, spinning swings, and funky monkey bars

Crescent Park

crescent park in wyoming

340 Crescent Avenue, Wyoming, OH 45215

Tucked behind the business district of Wyoming in a cute corner of Crescent and Worthington Avenue, Crescent Park is a brand new, fully accessible playground! The impressive structure has several wheelchair accessible spinners and rockers, swings, toddler playhouse and multi-level climber.

Highlights: ADA features, astro-turf

Heroes Park

Heroes Park in Fairfield Township

Heroes Park, located at the corner of Millikin and Morris Road, has epic features for kids of all ages! Serviced by Fairfield Township, the park has a little bit of everything- a playground with zip line, spinning nets, toddler space, multi-level climber, musical instruments, covered picnic areas, spacious parking, paved walking trail, veterans memorial and clean restrooms.

Highlights: ADA accessible features, in-ground tunnel, spinners, restrooms, pavilion.

Inwood Park

Grow Up Great Playground

Inwood Park, located at 2308 Vine Street in Mount Auburn is home to the newly updated play space, Grow Up Great Playground. With ADA features and an area designed with younger children and toddlers in mind, the park has stunning hilly characteristics with a pond, walking trails, two separate playgrounds and a covered picnic shelter.

Highlights: ADA accessible features, cushiony floor, zip line, toddler space.

Ault Park Playground

5090 Observatory Circle Cincinnati, OH 45208

Ault Park has it all: hiking trails, massive gardens, lush green spaces, pavilions, cherry blossoms, and not to mention the awesome playground. The playground is divided up into play for children under five and those over five so that everyone can safely play. Another huge plus is the shade and bathrooms!

Highlights: Castle themed play set, cushiony flooring, and clean bathrooms

Central Park

ninja course at central park

1201 West Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240

Bring your American Ninja Warriors to Central Park located at 1201 W Kemper Road for the ultimate ninja experience! Tall helix climbers, parallel bars, balance steps, rope climbs, zip line and so much more will have your ninja completely exhausted after a few rounds. If your child is typically stacking pillows high, jumping off the couch and (literally) bouncing off the walls, the ninja course at Central Park is a parent’s dream.

Highlights: The largest Ninja course in Ohio!

The Nature PlayScape

4949 Tealtown Road, Milford, OH 45150

The Nature PlayScape doesn’t offer a million slides or climbing walls; it offers something much more unique. Kids are encourage to climb, run around, and get a little muddy in the designated PlayScape zone that includes creeks, fields, and forest.

Highlights: MudZone, exposure to natural habitats, and of course there are a few swings

Land of Make Believe Playground

lunken playground

4740 Playfield Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226

The Land of Make Believe, located within the Lunken Playfield, is a kid’s dream come true. It offers a gigantic playground equipped with slides, bars, swings, and more so that kids can safely run around while “making believe” to their hearts content.

Highlights: Six slides, airplanes overhead, and plenty of shade

Pleasant Ridge 1000 Hands Playground

5919 Ridge Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45213

This playground is famously known for being built with 1000 hands (thanks to the volunteers of Pleasant Ridge)- and you can tell! The recently built playground is equipped with unique features like rope bridges, Xylophones, and see-saws. Of course, there are still plenty of swings and slides.

Highlights: Nearby spray zone, Crocodile slide, and tire swings

West Fork Park Playland

4764 West Fork Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45247

West Fork Park is cool for many reasons. First of all, the playground has many different zones for kids of different ages, sensory needs, and interests. The colorful maze with textured walls is a fan favorite. The main playground is super tall, making an it an adventure to go up and figure a way back down.

Highlights: Zipline, music making area, and tube slides

Summit Park

4335 Glendale-Milford Road, Blue Ash, OH

Summit Park can make for an entire day of fun. Not only does it have a newly renovated playground, the park also has a Nature PlayScape. The playground has “spider webs”, slides, and obstacle courses all on a colorful turf. The new Nature PlayScape offers endless imaginative play with water (perfect for a hot day), mud, and logs to crawl on.

Highlights: Zipline, water play, and “spider webs”

Smale Riverfront Park

100 W. Merhing Way Cincinnati, OH 45202

Smale Riverfront Park is a recipe for a great day. In addition to their huge and beautiful playground, they have the P&G go VibrantScape, Carol Ann’s Carousel, Riverfront Play, Barr Labyrinth, and Main Street SprayGround (under repair as of 5/18/22). The playground has racing slides, logs to climb on, and rope swings.

Highlights: Mist features, city views, and rock climbing canyon

Highfield Discovery Garden

10397 Springfield Pike, Woodlawn, OH

Highfield Discovery Garden is one of the biggest play areas on the list with a whopping 12 acres. The play area here is a little less traditional. The park has tons of blown up or miniaturized houses, hats, and animals to climb in or around. The many gardens offer tons of sensory experiences, and while the kids are digging around model trains are chugging around all over the park.

Highlights: Tree house, dress up costumes, and mini houses

Parky’s Farm

10073 Daly Road Cincinnati, OH 45231

Parky’s Farm has a really unique focus: community engagement and relationships with the outdoors. But they achieve this in a super fun way. With both indoor and outdoor playgrounds, gardens, animals, and frequent demonstrations from the staff kids can have a ball while learning something about their environment.

Highlights: Indoor playground option, barnyard animals, outdoor ropes bridges

Eden Park Playground

950 Eden Park Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45202

While this is an easy to miss playground, it is not one to miss. Located pretty close to the city center, this more rustic park has log ladders, rope swings, and plenty of slides. Additionally it has pieces of the “forest” like trees and rocks that kids can climb on.

Highlights: Tunnel slides, ducks in the pond, and “tree” climbing

Mt. Echo Park

251 Mt. Echo Park Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45205

The brand new Mt. Echo park is definitely a spot to check out. The motivation for the park was accessibility and fun for kids of all needs and ages. Babies, strollers, and kids of all ages can join mom or dad on the in ground merry go round. The park has tons of climbing apparatuses, slides, and space to play frisbee.

Highlights: Inclusive whirl, buddy rocker, and twisting monkey bars

Washington Park Playground

1230 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Located in the heart of the city, most people have at least heard of Washington Park. Their playground, however, deserves much more recognition. The castle themed play set is perfect for many hours of make believe, the climbing wall is any climber’s dream, and the sandbox is perfect for all ages.

Highlights: Park Play Worker Program, free weekend activities, canal

Ziegler Park

1322 Sycamore St. Cincinnati, OH 45202

While not the biggest playground on the list the Ziegler Park Playground (and adjoining spray parks) are not to be overlooked. The almost entirely ADA accessible park boasts unique swings, seesaws, tons of slides, and rope nets to climb. Kids above the age of 12 can also check out games in the nearby rec center.

Highlights: Massive “spider web”, bouncing swings, and Play Ambassadors

Veterans Park

playground in anderson

8531 Forest Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45255

Veteran’s park is home to the “Lucky Lanier All-Children’s Playground” which is designed with the physically challenged child in mind. At this park, any child can play in the oversized wizards hat, on the racer slides, or in one of the many swings.

Highlights: Physically accessible, recently renovated, shaded

Miami Meadows Park

1546 State Route 131 Milford, Ohio 45150

Miami Meadows is impressively large with an abundance of outdoor recreation. A nice playground, pond, paved trails, dog park, cricket field, pickleball, baseball fields, soccer, football and wildlife.

Highlights: Nature, Recreation

Kingswood Park

kingswood park in mason

4188 Irwin Simpson Road, Mason, Ohio

Sitting on top of astro-turf, the kid playground is newer with multilevel structures for bigger kids and a separate space for younger children. Kids can climb high on cargo nets, ropes, ladder steps, monkey bars and an extra wide slide. The toddler space has the same features but on a lower level to keep the little ones safe.

Highlights: Kid playground and adult agility fitness course, steps away from each other for parents + kids.

Seven Gables Park

seven gables park

11680 Seven Gables Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

The park expansion invites families to the new playground with brightly colored handicap-accessible turf, a multi-tiered tree house, two speedy slides, web netting, climbing wall, swing hammock, swings, and a toddler play space. One of the fun perks of this playground is the amount of low-to-the-ground features that our youngest kids can enjoy safely.

Highlights: One of a kind treehouse theme!

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