20 Things to Do Before Thanksgiving

Happy Monday!

I love the holidays as much as anyone else — and you’d better believe that, come Nov. 27, I’ll be chopping down my own tree at a U-Pick farm, busting out the Christmas lights and rocking the Michael Buble Christmas CD.

But. It was just Halloween, and I feel like it’s a little too early to start with the holiday hullabaloo. And — lots of places around here don’t even start their holiday celebrations until Thanksgiving weekend. So, what’s a Cincinnati family to do for the next two weeks? These 20 things:

  1. Check out the Art of the Brick at Union Terminal
  2. Meet Loren Long at Blue Manatee on Nov. 14
  3. Decorate a gingerbread turkey from Trader Joe’s
  4. Get your yard work done!
  5. Visit King Arthur’s Court with the kids to get some ideas
  6. Head to the Cincinnati Nature Center for some PlayScape fun
  7. Go to the Zoo before the Festival of Lights craziness happens!
  8. Volunteer somewhere or put together a box of food to donate for Thanksgiving
  9. Get your Blue Oven bread fix at Gorman Farm on Thursday afternoon (available at the Farm Shop on Thursdays from 1-5 p.m.)
  10. Go to the Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market this weekend to score some locally made goods!
  11. Order tickets to The Nutcracker
  12. Get tickets to Marvel Universe LIVE! (a must if your kids are into superheroes)
  13. Change your furnace filter (ok, ok — not the most fun, but we had an expensive incident last winter involving a very old, very dirty furnace filter. So consider this a friendly PSA)
  14. Go on a family Starbucks date for hot chocolates
  15. Stock up on salt, snow shovels and sleds!
  16. Let the kids pick out a winter hat and gloves at a pre-season sale
  17. Make pumpkin puree out of that pie pumpkin sitting on your porch, then have the kids help make a from-scratch pie.
  18. Hit up a Great Park!
  19. Order and build all labor-intensive Christmas gifts. Stash in the basement or Grandma’s house until Christmas. You’ll thank me come Christmas Eve!
  20. Finish your Fall Bucket List!

See — there’s plenty of stuff to do the next couple of weeks. Winter will be here before we know it, so let’s savor every last bit of glorious fall!

Have a great week!

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