8 Ways to Save at Your Next Reds Game

baseballstadium textBetween the parking, convenience fees, souvenirs, hot dogs and beverages, you can easily spend a small fortune at a Reds game.

However, with a little planning and strategy (and self-control around those gigantic nacho helmets), you can just as easily take the family to Great American Ball Park — and stick to your budget!

Here are 8 easy ways to save major money at your next Reds game, courtesy of our frugral family expert, Brianne:

Buy Tickets in Advance — at the Ball Park

My best tip to save money on tickets to the Reds game is to pre-purchase your tickets at the window. Buying them before the game allows you to pay just face value of the ticket. Online, there are various convenience fees that are a major inconvenience to your wallet! The key is to not make a special trip to the stadium to only get tickets; this really won’t be worth the savings. Grab them while you are there for work or visiting with the family.

If You Do Purchase Online, Use Promo Sites

Making it downtown before the game isn’t always a possibility. There are several sites that will help you save anywhere from 5%-20% off ticket prices. Shop around and find places like ScoreBig.com to find great savings on your ball game tickets. You’ll still to pay the convenience fees; however, your savings might offset part or even all of these fees.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverages)

Fans are allowed to bring bags, backpacks and soft-sided coolers to the game. You are permitted to bring clear plastic bottles that have not been opened yet, so be sure your bottles are sealed. This one action will save you big at games, as drinks in the stadium are very pricey.

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Buy the All-You-Can-Eat Pass

Presented by Meijer, any ticket holder can purchase a pass for just $20 each to receive unlimited hot dogs, sodas, popcorn, peanuts and chips! This is limited to the first 1,000 guests per game, so purchase this pass as soon as possible. My tip: buy the pass when you’re at the park pre-purchasing your convenience-fee-free tickets.

Shop for Souvenirs Before You Go

Head to your local Meijer or Target and grab some fun Reds gear for half the price of what you would pay at the park! Also, be sure to bring baseballs or other Reds items and arrive early for autographs. Reds players sign autographs before each game — fans can snag signatures from players along the railing between sections 111-113 and 133-135 up to 45 minutes before game time and batting practice.

Bring Your Camera

A simple way to save big while visiting a Reds game it to bring your own camera and/or iPhone. You can take as many pictures and videos as you want as long as they are used for personal use. Be sure to also check out the FREE charging station available in the Reds Connect Zone — this way you won’t have to worry about your phone dying mid-game.

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Snag a Personalized Certificate

Attend any game at Great American Ball Park and receive a free personalized certificate to commemorate your Birthday, Anniversary, Great Catch or child’s First Reds Game. These are presented by McDonald’s and can be requested at any Fan Accommodations locations on the day of the game.

Wear Your Walking Shoes!

While there are many places at the stadium to park, if you want to save money, you’ll need to park at one of the many uptown lots. As a general rule, the closer the lot is to the stadium, the more you’ll pay to park. Choose to park near places you have always wanted to check out and site see on your way to the game!

Also check out sites like BestParking.com to find locations near the stadium and the prices of their parking! This is great not only for game day, but for other Cincinnati events as well! This site lists hours, rates and all rules regarding particular lots. So far I have used this
site about 10 times and every time has been spot on!

About Brianne:

Brianne Miller is the voice behind the popular blog, Just Trying to Save Money. This mom of three loves sharing money-saving tips, local deals and all things frugal! Follow Brianne on Facebook and Twitter.

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