An Apothecary Soul Garden at Krohn Conservatory

Cincinnati is full of surprises. I’ve lived here most of my life, but I continue to learn new things and the new exhibit at Krohn Conservatory showed me a whole other side of Cincinnati.

An Apothecary Soul Garden at Krohn Conservatory explores Cincinnati’s connection to modern medicine, alternative forms of healing and the power of plants. Open now through August 19th, Krohn’s summer exhibit will make you see plants — and the Queen City — with new appreciation.

Prior to this exhibit, I had no idea what the Lloyd Library and Museum actually was. It’s fascinating: the Library was started in the mid-19th century by brothers collecting research on pharmaceutical chemistry and medicinal plants. The brothers became licensed pharmacists and started Lloyd Brothers Pharmacists, supporting the use of native, plant-based drugs. As their practice grew, so did the Lloyd Library, filling with volumes of research and specimen on plants from the brothers’ treks across the globe.

Currently, the Lloyd Library and Museum contains over 150,000 volumes of monographs and serials, nearly 3,000 linear feet of archival manuscripts and some 3,000 museum artifacts. Thanks to the care and attention of all three Lloyd brothers, the Lloyd Library and Museum continues to acquire information on ethnobotany to inspire future generations of scholars.

The Lloyd brothers were onto something that’s really resonating with people today: essential oils are all the rage right now, as people swear by the healing powers of these plant extracts (just scroll through Facebook to find someone selling them). Or visit the grocery store for aisles devoted to medicinal plants in pill form — echinacea, aloe, garlic. And if you’ve taken a yoga class, you know all about the mind-body connection you can find in nature.

An Apothecary Soul Garden speaks to all the senses: the moss garden is lush and soft; the herbs aromatic; the plants green and vibrant; the room quiet and tranquil. As for “taste,” the various signage at each of the herbs and spices will surely inspire you to incorporate some of these healing plants in your next meal!

My kids had fun recognizing the peppers and lemons that we use in our own kitchen. My seven year old eagerly read all of the displays, and enjoyed learning about the “olden times” at the hand-made apothecary, which adds a fun and tactile touch to this exhibit.

Nature is truly remarkable. Every time we visit the conservatory, we are inspired. An Apothecary Soul Garden explores how plants soothe the body and soul, which is really what Krohn Conservatory is all about.

An Apothecary Soul Garden at Krohn Conservatory is open Tuesdays through Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm through August 19th. Admission is $4/adults, $2/kids 5-17 and free for 4 and under. Be sure to download a $1 off coupon here.

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