Bartels Farm

Christmas is full of traditions, and picking a tree is one of our family’s very favorite holiday traditions. And while you can find pre-cut trees virtually everywhere, there’s just something special about picking your own, fresh-from-the-earth tree.

The whole process is an experience – and at Bartels Farm in Butler County, you’ll get the full holiday experience.

Located in Hamilton between Cincinnati and Dayton, Bartels Farm is a bit of a trek – but worth every picturesque mile. We ventured to Bartel’s last year and had such a great time, we couldn’t wait to return again! The farm itself is absolutely stunning, perched atop a hill overlooking the beautiful Butler County countryside. There are trees for every house and living room, from deep green Canaan Firs to silvery blue Spruce trees. They’re nestled in perfect lines that expand as far as the eye can see, and traipsing through the grounds for the perfect tree is half the fun.

Sometimes, cut-your-own tree farms can leave you feeling a little lost. Bartels Farm is a family-owned and run business that makes your family feel right at home from the start. Turn up the rocky driveway, and you’ll soon be greeted by a friendly staff member with a map of the 124-acre farm. Once you’ve parked, you can walk over to the barnyard, where a tractor-pulled wagon awaits to take your family out to the trees. Once there, you can take your time picking a tree – and another Bartels team member will provide saws for cutting down your hand-picked tree. And after your tree is chopped, there’s a roaming Gator tractor that’s waiting to haul your tree back to be shaken, wrapped and loaded – by the friendly Bartels staff, of course.

Of course, a visit to the tree farm wouldn’t be complete without farm animals and fresh hot chocolate – and Bartels offers both. The live nativity features cuddly farm animals in a rustic barn, and you can find hot cocoa and coffee inside another picture-perfect Bartels barn.

With so many pick-your-own tree farms from which to choose in Greater Cincinnati, it may seem like you can throw a dart and just pick one. But, having been to several tree farms in my 33 years, I can honestly say that Bartels ranks at the top of the list. Between the beautiful grounds and standout customer service, this Butler County gem will be part of my family’s holiday tradition for year to come.

Bartels Farm is located at 4427 Cotton Run Road, Hamilton, OH 45011. Please note that they are only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Dec. 2 — so definitely plan a trip this weekend! 

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