Blue Ash Nature Park and Playground

There are some playgrounds you return to over and over again. Blue Ash Nature Park and Playground is one of my family’s favorites, and we can be found there almost every week during the spring, summer and fall (and winter, honestly!).


Located behind the Blue Ash Recreation Center, the Nature Park winds back behind the police station and Amphitheater.

Calling it a nature “park” is a misnomer; there are actually several different playgrounds there. Each is connected to the main trail, and you can easily spend an entire afternoon visiting the different playgrounds.

Our favorites are the first two playgrounds, which can be found on either side of the Amphitheater. The first can be seen from the Rec Center parking lot, and features both conventional and unconventional components.

My kids love all the different slides (including the “alligator” slide), climbing all the different ladders and zipping down the (very official) fire pole. This playset is very large and is unique in that one end is more little-kid friendly (with a smaller slide and easy-to-climb steps), while the other end is perfect for older kids.

This playground also has the most unique, space-agey see-saw I’ve ever seen: you can stand or sit, and it bounces off half-buried tires. There’s also a nice bathroom at this playground.

Once your kids have tired of this area, there’s a big swingset just across the playground. And then you can walk past the Amphitheater (which is a fun place to eat lunch, btw) to the next playground – which is really two different playgrounds. On one side is a playground that’s perfect for the 5-and-under crowd, with an easy-to-climb slide, rideable dinosaur and sandbox. (My kids love bringing trucks to play in this sandbox, which is covered and stays nice and shady during the summer!) On the other side is a huge playset that has a rock wall, swirly slide, bridge, tire swing and several different imaginative play areas.

If you’re still in the mood to play, there’s yet another playground further along the trail. But truth be told, we usually end up on the tire swing or in the sandbox for the duration of our visit. And I end up sitting happily in the shade while they play — sometimes, I even get to read a book! The Blue Ash Nature Park is one of my favorite places in Cincinnati, and if you visit, you’ll fall in love with this gorgeous hidden gem!

The Blue Ash Nature Park and Playground is located just behind the Recreation Center at 4343 Cooper Road, 45242.

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