Places to go in Cincinnati if your kids love to climb

I’ve a major climber in my house. My five year old will climb anything, and has scraped elbows and knees (and busted holes in many a jacket and pant leg) during his adventures.

In an effort to give my little Spiderman a safe outlet, I’ve compiled the following list of places to go in Cincinnati if your kids love to climb. 

Summit Park (pictured)

Summit Park was made for climbing. The playground features ropes everywhere, overlapping and inviting kids to climb, hang and swing. There are rope bridges and rope ladders, and kids can do all the climbing and jumping they want. (The squishy ground and astroturf provide a safe place for exploration.) Over in the Nature Playscape, there are ropes and logs galore for little monkeys. And then for an added challenge, head over to the Observation Tower and hike up the 9 flights of stairs — your efforts will be rewarded with a stunning view.

Mosaic Climbing

When it comes to indoor climbing facilities, Mosaic Climbing is, hands down, our favorite. This Loveland gem offers a safe, accessible space where kids can feel empowered, strong and superhuman. Kids of all ages and abilities can climb — no previous experience necessary. At Mosaic Climbing, you can get a Day Pass for kids 13 and under (which includes shoes) for just $15, making this an affordable option for families.

If you’re looking for extra instruction, the First Timer pass includes rentals, orientation and belay class — all for $25. Save yourself time by completing out the waiver before you go.

Pogo Play

This indoor play place in Blue Ash has perhaps the most epic play area is one of the best in Cincinnati — it’s huge and full of places to where kids can climb.

LilyPad Play

Geared toward the six-and-under crowd, LilyPad play has an indoor climbing wall that even the most nervous parents will feel safe about. Preschoolers will eagerly climb the rock wall and play structure —which gets major preschooler points for having a fire pole.

USA Ninja Challenge

With ropes, rings, ladders, balance beams, rock walls and soft-block courses, climbers will be in their element at USA Ninja Challenge. Each station offers a different obstacle course designed to improve strength, flexibility and all-around athleticism — all in a fun, fast-paced environment.


If your kids crave outdoor adventure like mine do, then you need to check out ZipZone. Located just north of Columbus, ZipZone Outdoor Adventures is absolutely worth the trip for Cincinnati families. The Kids Park is a scaled-down version of the Aerial Adventure Park that challenges kids with tightropes, moving platforms and rope climbs.

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