Camp MEE Dayton

Camp MEE (Movement, Enrichment, Empowerment) combines all the best parts of a traditional summer camp with essential learning. Campers can expect days full of fun games, interactive activities, and diverse speakers while learning about anatomy, consent, financial literacy, puberty, and more.

Address: Camp is held in Downtown Dayton; exact address will be shared with parents/caretakers upon registration.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (937) 536-0649
Gender of Campers: Co-Ed
Dates: July 22 – 26
Hours: 8 am – 5 pm
Ages: 11 -14

Q&A with Camp MEE Dayton: 

What makes Camp MEE Dayton unique?

Camp MEE combines the fun of summer camp with vital information about health and wellness young people need to make safe and empowered decisions.

Camp MEE facilitates age-appropriate sessions on topics related to relationships, alcohol and drugs, financial literacy, nutrition, social media safety, body image/puberty, mental health, financial literacy, and reproductive health.

Throughout the week, campers are provided ample opportunity to engage with joyful movement through sessions provided by local yoga instructors, self-defense teachers and fitness professionals.

In addition to regular movement, campers are also encouraged to explore creative expression through activities provided by our speakers and ongoing creative projects that take place over the course of the entire camp week.

What activities are offered at Camp MEE Dayton?

Campers receive presentations on more than a dozen topics throughout the week. Each presentation is highly interactive and engaging. An example of one engaging activity is the relationship characteristic egg hunt. Campers are sent on an egg hunt to find as many eggs as they can. Each egg has a slip of paper on it with a characteristic of a relationship. Campers are tasked with organizing them into healthy or unhealthy characteristics of a relationship and discussing each one with a PPSWO Educator.

Each day there is a morning meeting, a team building activity, an outdoor activity and/or a creative project. Campers get a chance to test their knowledge with games like Jeopardy and the matching game.

Towards the end of the week, campers participate in an obstacle course that asks them to recall what they’ve learned in order to successfully move through the course.

On Friday, we host a health and career fair for the campers and their families. Our speakers often return as vendors in addition to other community partners.

What is the camper-to-counselor ratio?

Though we will never exceed the state required ration of 1:20, on any given day we typically have a ratio 1:3.

How much time do the campers spend outside?

Campers go outside every day, multiple times a day. Between breaks, lunch, end of day pick up time and presenters who utilize outdoor space they estimated to spend 1-2 hours outside each day.

Does Camp MEE Dayton provide lunch/snacks or do parents need to provide them?

Camp provides lunch/snacks.

What is the typical daily schedule for campers?

The schedule varies a bit each day.

Drop off
Morning meeting
Morning movement/creativity
Speaker /activity
Speaker /activity
Speaker /activity
Speaker /activity
Outdoor activity
Pick up

How old are the counselors and how are they trained?

All camp volunteers must be 18 years are older. They are trained on topics such as working with middle school youth, how to respond to values-based questions, safety policies and procedures (mandatory reporting, social media, suspicious encounters, confidentiality, etc.) and how to care for themselves during camp week. They are given a walkthrough of the site with a review of safety and security guidelines.

What accommodations are made for campers with special needs?

We can provide modified materials and activities for students with disabilities. The venues are accessible with ramps and camps take place on the first floor of buildings.


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