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You don’t have to search too hard to discover a wide array of enrichment activities in Cincinnati. In fact, there are so many fun, interesting and educational activities available for kids in this city, that choosing one can seem a little overwhelming. So, how can a parent determine which activity is right for their child?

“Parents should watch for signs that their children are gravitating toward certain areas,” says Patsy Rabinowitz, director of West Chester Academy. One child might show an interest in dance or music, while another might be drawn to creating or building with their hands. It all depends on the individual child.

Fortunately, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing an enrichment activity for your kid. If you try something and it and doesn’t seem to be the right fit, you can always try a different activity. What’s important is getting out there and exploring the possibilities. By doing so, you’re helping your child develop confidence and social skills, and exposing their rapidly growing brains to new experiences.

“Children [are] constantly being shaped and molded by their exposure to stimuli from their environment,” Rabinowitz says. “A rapid growth in aptitude continues until about age 7, as the brain is literally being wired by the activities a child experiences.”

If you’re still wondering what kind of enrichment activities would best suit your child, take our fun Choose Your Own Adventure quiz to find out!

1. If I let my kid plan the day, we’d most likely end up spending a lot of time:

A. Running, climbing, jumping, playing, swimming or playing a sport. He loves to be active.
B. Pulling out the craft supplies and creating works of art
C. Getting our groove on while dancing and making music
D. Coming up with various experiments to learn how things work
E. I can’t pick just one! He likes to do so many different things.

2. If you checked your child’s jacket pockets right now, you’d probably find:

A. rocks, twigs and other treasures from nature
B. broken crayons and glitter
C. a plastic kazoo that he got at a friend’s birthday party
D. some creation that he made from a paper clip and rubber band
E. lint fuzz balls

3. Your child’s favorite class or activity at school is:

A. Gym
B. Art
C. Music
D. Math or science
E. Lunch

4. When you think about your child’s future career, you can see her being:

A. An athletic coach
B. An artist
C. A professional musician
D. An engineer
E. I have no idea! She has so many talents.

5. Pick a word that best describes your child.

A. Adventurous
B. Artistic
C. Musical
D. Analytical
E. Eclectic

6. Where is your child’s “happy place”?

A. Outdoors or someplace where he has freedom to move
B. In an art studio or museum
C. Anywhere that has music and/or dancing
D. The LEGO store
E. At home

7. You take your child to the dollar store and let her pick out one item. What does she choose?

A. A ball or hula hoop
B. A watercolor paint set
C. A play microphone
D. A DIY paper airplane kit
E. A sweet treat


Mostly As: The Mover and Shaker.

It sounds like your child would thrive outdoors or somewhere where he can move his body! Try seeking out enrichment activities where your child can get out in nature and explore, as well as places where he can discover different sports and athletic activities.

Enrichment activities to try:
*Boy Scouts (
*Cincinnati Parks ( * Girl Scouts of Western Ohio (
*Goldfish Swim School (
*Great Parks of Hamilton County (

Mostly Bs: The Little Artist.

Your child loves to craft, paint, create – anything that allows her to use her hands and imagination.

Enrichment activities to try:
*3rd Sunday Fundays at the Taft Museum of Art (
*The Art Spark (
*The Art Workshop (
*Brazee Street Studios (
*Creativities (
*The Silver Diva (

Mostly Cs: Tiny Dancer (or Musician).

Your kid moves to the beat of his own drum – sometimes literally!

Enrichment activities to try:
* Premier Tumbling & Dance (
*SDA Studios (
*Tippi Toes (

Mostly Ds: The STEAM Machine.

Your little engineer or budding scientist thrives when he’s solving problems and exploring how his world works.

Enrichment activities to try:
*The STEM Lab (

Mostly Es: The Eclectic Kid.

Your child likes a little bit of everything, and that’s great! Seek out places that offer a wide range of enrichment activities.

Enrichment activities to try:
*Mayerson JCC (
*West Chester Academy (
*YMCA of Greater Cincinnati (

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