Side Hustles for Busy Parents

Parents share how they created successful streams of extra income.

Raising a child is already a full-time gig. But what can parents do to increase their cash flow while still being present in their young kids’ lives? For many parents in Southwest Ohio, finding the right side hustle has been the answer. Though certainly not full-time, side hustles aren’t quite part-time either (and are usually done from home), cementing their appeal among our area’s busy moms and dads.

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Turn Your Interests into Income

Consider your strengths and interests, and explore opportunities that allow you to leverage those skills. For instance, if you enjoy writing, look for freelance opportunities or start a blog. If you’re a crafty person, consider selling handmade goods online or at local craft fairs. If you have more time than anything and don’t mind driving, becoming a driver for a ride service might fit the bill. Like shopping? Working a couple of hours a day grocery shopping for others might be enough to add some extra fun money into your account.

One Parent’s Experience with a Successful Side Hustle

Angela Kuehnle works as a BabyQuip quality provider for Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Quality providers rent, deliver and set up clean, safe and insured baby gear for other parents while they stay at hotels, Airbnbs, vacation rentals, and private residences. There are over 1,700 quality providers, many of whom are based in Ohio or Indiana. “I first heard about BabyQuip in 2019 on Shark Tank,” says Kuehnle, who thought the program sounded like the perfect fit for her.

Many quality providers start their businesses with the gear they already own and build inventory as they get orders. “I used to be a nanny, and our twins were 2 years old, so I had acquired a lot of baby gear,” Kuehnle says.

Indeed, having all the gear already made it easy to transform it all into rental pieces for other parents on holiday. But what really solidified the move to BabyQuip as a side hustle for Kuehnle was when her family relocated to a larger city. “I was waiting until we moved to a bigger city where I thought I would be more successful,” she says. There, she was able to acquire the types of vacationing or busy clientele who could rely on services.

For Kuehnle, a side hustle is something she takes seriously. “Side hustles take time and money to start,” Kuehnle says. Ask yourself the following questions before beginning, she says:

How much time and resources do you have?

Do you have enough available time in your schedule to make your business successful?

Can you afford the startup cost?

Plus, putting yourself out there can be half the battle. Kuehnle says she would like to put in more time to advertise her services. “I hope to invest more time into this once my twins are in school full time,” she says. As an already busy mom, sometimes she is unable to deliver full size cribs with her kids, “so my husband, a family member, or a sitter has to watch the kids,” she says. One day, she hopes to make enough to off-set the cost of a van. “Then I will be able to do all deliveries with my kids.”

Finding the Right Fit

For busy parents, finding time to pursue additional income opportunities can seem daunting, but a side hustle can provide a multitude of benefits. It can supplement your income, provide a creative outlet and help bolster professional skills. The key is finding a side hustle that fits into your already demanding schedule.

With a little ingenuity and determination, balancing a side hustle with parenting responsibilities is definitely achievable, and may even help you and your family in the long run. So don’t shy away from exploring this route and see what opportunities await you!

By Michelle Mastro

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