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Someone wise once told me that kids don’t know what they’re missing because they just don’t know of the never-ending amount of options for fun there are in this world.

I’ve found that this advice is true, until your child starts going to school. Of course children talk, and on Monday morning they all share about their weekends that were filled with those fun destinations around our area. This is exactly how my son found out about Dave & Buster’s.

As an adult, I knew about Dave & Buster’s and had been myself a few times, but it was honestly one of those places that I was hoping my kids wouldn’t find out about. But ever since my son discovered there was a magical place that was filled with every type of game imaginable, he’s been begging to go, and our family finally had the opportunity to do so.

I have to admit — our afternoon at Dave & Buster’s was the most fun we’d had in a long time and even I’m looking forward to our next visit.

We live in Northern Kentucky, so on a late Sunday morning, we headed to the Dave & Buster’s location in Florence, right off I-75/I-71 at the US 42 exit. This location is really great for anyone in the Tristate and this newer building is incredibly nice, clean and safe for a few hours of family fun. We brought our 6-year-old son and almost 5-year-old daughter, and arrived just in time for an hour of half-price games. If you’re worried about the cost of playing games at Dave & Buster’s (which was definitely one of my worries!), visit their website here and check out all of the specials that happen throughout the week. There are a few designated times for half-price games, and other deals that make it much more affordable for families with kids to visit. 

Sunday mornings, and really any weekday, are great times to bring younger kids to Dave & Buster’s, as it tends to be quieter than prime evening and weekends times. We never had to wait for any games, had plenty of space to spread out, and best of all – our kids could be loud and no one could even tell! It is a bit loud in there, just so you’re prepared, but this adds to the exciting atmosphere and fun. We spent over two hours playing a variety of games, from classic Skee-Ball to interactive games where we had to run and jump to participate. I loved the selection and was pleasantly surprised that there were plenty of games that were appropriate for our fairly young children. 

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When you arrive at Dave & Buster’s, you can purchase a card with a designated amount of money on it, and that’s all you need to get started with the games. You can also begin this process online and take advantage of a few extra perks. There are only a couple of experiences that cost an extra fee, and we had to try the virtual reality ride, which I highly recommend! Now I will say that my son did get a little frightened by the Jurassic World-themed reality that you’re thrown in to, but he was easily able to remove his mask and just sit tight while we finished the experience. If you have children younger than 8 or so, you know them best, so use your best judgment when deciding if it’s right for them. For adults and older kids – it was a blast!

We wrapped up our visit with lunch at the restaurant, right there inside Dave & Buster’s. The food was definitely a highlight for me, as the menu was huge and even had several healthy options, if that’s what you’re looking for. (That is a very difficult thing to find at a sport’s bar/arcade…) While we were eating,  my husband and I both agreed that the service from everyone at Dave & Buster’s had been exceptional. Everyone was friendly, helpful and obviously there to make sure we had a great time.

The whole Dave & Buster’s experience, from game playing to eating, far exceeded my expectations, and I can see why my son had been so excited to visit. We will absolutely be back again for a day of family fun, and if you’ve been hesitant to give it a try, plan a visit and I’m willing to bet you will make plenty of family memories.

Dave & Buster’s has two convenient locations in Greater Cincinnati: Florence, KY and Springdale, OH. Visit daveandbusters.com for more information and to plan a visit.

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