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For many moms, after they give birth, fashion seems to take a backseat. Concern over feedings, diapers, crying and lack of sleep all contribute to this step back from the fashion world, but there does come a point when you’re ready to feel good in your clothes again. I have never called myself a “fashionista,” but I enjoyed following trends and incorporating the ones I liked into my wardrobe. These days, I tend to just feel overwhelmed when I try and shop. Part of it is my children hanging all over me and the other part is that I just don’t know where to start. Well, enter EVEREVE. This store understands moms, and with a brand-new EVEREVE now open in Crestview Hills (perfect for this NKY mom), I couldn’t wait to check it out.

EVEREVE’s mission is “To inspire mom to embrace her beauty and power.” They want to create an atmosphere where moms are comfortable and realize that it’s okay to make them a priority. Their store is lovely and not just because of the beautiful clothing. The inspirational quotes and themed design make it a relaxing place to browse – even if your kids are tagging along! I was pleasantly surprised to see an area perfect for little ones, including a Lego table and even snacks and drinks!

One of the things that make this boutique special is the styling service they are happy to provide for their customers. If you’ve been wearing the same jeans and t-shirts from college (no judgment, I’m sure they are awesome), and you have no clue where to begin, the staff at EVEREVE can help. Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a special night out, a few fun things for vacation, or items to add to your everyday wardrobe, they have it.

When I stopped in, I was hoping to find a new summer shirt that had some versatility. I tried on a few different options and ended up with a blue tank that I can wear with jeans, white bottoms or even a skirt. I am dressed casually 99% of the time, so it was a great option for me. I did really love a floral one-shoulder blouse, as well!

Aside from the everyday shopping experience, EVEREVE also offers private events that are perfect for girls’ nights, special group events or even a fundraiser. Guests will receive a special discount and the store will even provide drinks and snacks! If you’d like more information on these events, give them a call at 859-594-8001.

I’m the first to admit that I spend much more time, energy and money on clothes for my kids than myself. I am typically the afterthought; I’m sure you can relate. EVEREVE is the perfect environment for me to invest in myself, reconnect with fashion and boost my confidence in clothing in order to make me feel like the awesome mama that I strive to be.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 6.33.50 PMAbout Andrea:

A native Cincinnatian, Andrea has experienced life in all four corners of this city. After growing up on the west side, she headed north to attend Miami University, then moved east to Hyde Park and now lives in Northern Kentucky with her family.

When she’s not playing trains and doing the “hot dog dance” as a stay-at-home mom to her two toddlers, Andrea is busy writing for Cincinnati publications and brainstorming ideas for her next children’s book! With a newfound passion for fitness and overall health, she spends a lot of time at her family gym and loves to play outside.

Andrea worked in education for several years and has a special love for children’s literature. She loves showing her children all our city has to offer and enjoys sharing her finds with other parents. Her favorite spots include the Cincinnati Zoo (although she steers clear of the bird house), her local library and any playground.

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