Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt For Kids


Farmer’s Markets are a great place to bring kids because of the wonderful learning experiences they can provide! There is so much to learn about farming, how fruits and vegetables grow, the differences between organic/conventional growing techniques, how farmers tend to the soil, the list could go on and on!

Some of my most favorite memories with my own son include going to a Farmer’s Market, especially in the middle of the Summer, and picking blueberries right off the bushes!

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You may be ready to drag your kids to the Farmer’s Market with high hopes that they see the beauty and fun that Farmer’s Markets can provide. I’ve created a fun scavenger hunt that will hopefully keep your kids busy, learning, and engaged during the trip.

Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt

  • Find a red fruit you’ve never tried before.
  • Buy and taste a new blue fruit.
  • Find one green vegetable you’ve never tried before.
  • Buy a fruit to match every color of the rainbow!
  • Find a vegetable that’s bigger than your hand.
  • Buy a flavor of jelly or preserves that you’ve never tried before.
  • Learn the name of a new flower or herb.
  • Find 5 vegetables that grow underground.
  • Ask a vendor his/her favorite thing about their farm.
  • Buy 5 different types of berries and go home to make a fruit salad.
  • Find 5 fruits that have seeds.
  • Try to find a fruit, vegetable, flower, or herb that starts with every letter of the alphabet.
  • Pick out a new recipe and buy all the ingredients at the market.
  • Find something that grows on a vine.
  • List 5 fruits you’ve never tried before.
  • List 5 vegetables you’ve never tried before.

Hopefully this fun list will make the next trip to the Farmer’s Market super fun and enjoyable! I’ve created a downloaded copy of this scavenger hunt, so you can print and take with you! There are even some writing opportunities on the scavenger hunt, so grab a clipboard and pencil, and HAVE FUN!

Get your Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt here!

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