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Teaching compassion to kids can be tough. It’s also hard for children to “make a difference” and help the less fortunate in the community. Sure they can collect money or canned food and donate it to a worthy cause, but other than that, there simply isn’t a lot a kid can “do.” A few months ago, three moms solved this problem when they started the company WeeWork For Good.

The premise for WeeWork For Good is simple, you buy a craft project from them, work on the craft with your child, then donate the completed project to a worthy cause or a person in need. There are a variety of craft projects to choose from: a kit that makes letters for soldiers to use so they can send to family back home, a birthday themed kit where kids make a birthday cake night light and several others. We chose Polar Bear Power for our kit, our craft was stuffing a teddy bear and making a magnetic fishing set to go along with the bear.

When we first opened the kit I was a little overwhelmed. There was a whole lot going on and my four-year-old, the Blonde Bomber, was very excited to rip it all apart and get started. Once we found the instruction sheet, things made a lot more sense.


The first step, stuffing the bear was so much fun. Following the instructions, we then made a special wish for the person that would be receiving it. Our wish was the bear would help that person sleep well at night.


After stuffing the bear, we worked on the tote bag by tracing, cutting and gluing on accessories.


By this time, BB’s brother and sister saw how much fun we were having and wanted to join in, so we had them help us make the magnetic fish.


With all three kids helping, we were able to finish our project. All told, it probably took us between one to two hours to complete. It was a lot of fun and a great project to work on together. This type of craft would be great rainy day activity or with a grandparent or a babysitter. These kits would also make excellent gifts for kids that already have a lot of “stuff” and like to create with their hands.


Remember, WeeWork for Good, isn’t just about creating something, it’s also about giving back. We chose to donate our Polar Bear Power kit to an organization I’ve worked with in the past, School on Wheels. School on Wheels tutors homeless children and teaches parents how to advocate for their children in a school setting. Our donation will go to a younger sibling of a School on Wheels student.

If you’re interested in the WeeWork for Good organization and would like to look at some of the kits they have for sale, click here for more information.

I hope you take some time to look into this great organization.



DISCLOSURE: WeeWork for Good compensated me for this post (don’t tell them, I liked their products so much, I would’ve done it for free).

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