It’s Always Christmas at King’s Christmas Shop!

Every year, we let the kids each pick out a new ornament for our Christmas tree. In past years, I’ve taken the kids to the Hallmark store at the Kenwood mall after visiting Santa. However, given Harvey’s response to Santa this year, we had to make a quick exit as the poor little guy was inconsolable!

I’d heard about King’s Christmas Shop but never been; so last weekend we headed up to 1-71 past Kings Island to see what it was all about.

We almost drove right by this unassuming, humble house. From the outside, this white-painted house doesn’t look very large — and you think, ‘Can there really be much inside?’

Well, consider it a Christmas miracle — or a bit of Santa’s magic — because once inside, you’ll walk into room upon room of delightful Christmas decor. From snow globes, to themed ornaments, to gift sets, to decor (traditional, retro and contemporary!), you’ll find everything on your wish list at King’s Christmas Shop! (A full list of inventory can be found here)

The kids had so much fun looking around — and kept changing their minds about what they wanted. Julian ended up picking a semi-truck, but his short list included: Elvis, the Beatles, a bulldozer, a concrete mixer and school bus. Mary waffled between a giraffe, pony, R2D2, ballerinas and gorillas — but finally picked out a carousel horse (very timely given the debut of Carol Ann’s Carousel last spring!) And Harvey knew what he wanted from the get-go: a soft, stuffed Big Bird (which is especially funny because he’s never actually seen Sesame Street). Harvey carried Big Bird around the whole time.

The ornaments were reasonably priced; and, had my kids had more patience, I would have picked out one for myself. Given all the break-able, small items in the store, you’ll want to keep a close eye on little kids.

Luckily, King’s Christmas Shop has an online store (and will take orders over the phone, too) — so I can order those Wizard of Oz ornaments I was eyeing!

King’s General Store & Christmas Shop is located at 5687 Columbia Rd, Kings Mills, OH 45034. Hours depend on the season, so be sure to check the schedule before you go.

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