Jungle Jim’s New Year, New You Festival

This year Jungle Jim’s is taking a fresh approach to wellness! They’ve teamed up with Mercy Health ­Fairfield Hospital to provide more ways you can be aware of your health in 2016.

On Saturday, January 23, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, world­class health industry professionals from Mercy Health ­ Fairfield Hospital and food industry specialists will be ready to answer questions and provide new, exciting ways to make positive lifestyle changes for families all across the Tri­State. Health screenings will be provided throughout the day, while Jungle Jim’s vendors will be sampling healthy food options to make eating well a simply delicious decision.

Mercy Hospital Fairfield will be providing a wide range of screenings for festival goers. New Year, New You is the perfect time to start being proactive about personal health and wellness. Regular screenings can significantly improve the chances of discovering possible risk factors. Health professionals from Mercy Hospital Fairfield will be present to offer insight for preventative care, and will offer easy steps to take to make a big impact on long term wellness.

New Year, New You provides a great opportunity to check out some of the best new healthy food options available as vendors provide samples of a wide variety of nutritious snacks and more. Different specialty dietary products will be offered, as well, including organic, gluten free, superfoods, and natural supplements. Vendors will also be providing a variety of cutting edge products for a well­rounded, natural lifestyle.

We’re so excited for festival goers to join us for a day of family friendly activities, health screenings, food samples, raffle prizes, and much more. New Year, New You isn’t just a celebration of all things healthy or health related, it’s a chance for everyone to learn about both new and tried and true ways to stay healthy all year ‘round!

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