Little Foodies: Domo at Home

When Chef David Falk couldn’t feed families at his downtown restaurants, Domo delivery was created. The delivery concept from Chef Falk connects you at home with fine-dining meals like Nada’s Braised Chicken Enchiladas and signature salsa + guacamole or Sotto’s Lasagna Bolognese and Roasted Patate. It’s as simple as: choose your meal, pick a delivery date and time, warm up your meal at home and enjoy!

Nada’s Enchilada

Picture it: You’ve been planning date night for weeks but your little one woke up sick. Instead of canceling your plans, a few of the best chefs in Cincinnati present to you a new concept: gourmet meal delivery from some of our favorite downtown restaurants. From the famous kitchens of Boca, Sotto and Nada, treat yourself with popular Cincinnati dishes delivered to your home. 

Sotto Bolognese
Sotto’s Bolognese

Meals arrive 95% complete, all you need to do is quickly warm them in the oven, microwave or stovetop. Domo delivers to many Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky zip codes, including most of the suburbs. 

Green Goddess

The online ordering menu is simple to use and includes thorough heating instructions, a full ingredient list and customization options. Domo also offers delicious meals for kids, like the kids pasta meal — pasta with your choice of red or butter sauce, fruit, a fudge brownie and chicken meatballs. Add on a Sixteen Brix Garlic Bread loaf or six pack of Brown-Butter Chocolate Chip cookie dough for a full belly and warm heart. 

Family Chicken Parmesan

A fancier fare for parents, Domo delivers family meals serving 4 or individual pans. Sakura Wagyu Farms meatloaf, Coconut-Marinated Chicken Satay Skewers, Teriyaki Salmon and Edamame, Green Goddess Bibb Salad, Four-Cheese Baked Macaroni, Decadent Mashed Potatoes and Tiramisu with new options on rotation. Skip the dishes, put on a full dinner spread with little effort and serve the family a hearty, healthy meal without ever leaving your home. 

Domo Kids Pasta
Domo Kids Pasta Meal

To place your Domo order online, visit here!

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