Little Foodies: Element Eatery

Having options is important when dining out with our little ones. When one kid is strictly mac and cheese only and the other gets their fill from chocolate chip cookies, eating out can put us in a bind. That’s why in the thick of parenthood, a dining hall experience is the perfect spot to make sure everyone in the family has a meal they love.

Insert Element Eatery, a sleek, decor-inspired dining hall in Madisonville with 10 different food options from right here in Cincinnati. Options like burgers, pizza, tacos, ramen, pulled pork, wings, coffee, and gumbo fill the menus of Cincinnati’s premier food hall. Designed to have more space for seating and moving around, Element Eatery has pockets of quiet space for families to take up as much room as they need.

Its uniqueness lies in the opportunity to share many different meals and try new things! Sometimes kids can use just the right amount of encouragement to try new foods and a dining hall has plenty of diverse options to pull us out of our culinary comfort zones. Some kid-safe options include those from a well-known pizzeria, Ramundos, small-batch macaroni and cheese from Kentucky’s Four Mile Pig, and chicken wings with fries from classic American Tela Encore.

Soul food, creole, Latin-American, authentic Mexican, and ramen are highlights of the menu if you’re in the mood for something other than American-fare. Transport yourself to New Orleans with a po-boy from Little Easy or keep heading south to Mexico with Taco Oso’s chicken pibil taco, inspired by the traditional Mexican pineapple and achiote spice dish, cochinita pibil. Perfect for the winter season, San Jeanetta’s Table is dishing up some food that touches your soul like the sweet potato mac bowl topped with chicken, a sweet potato glaze and tender chunks of sweet potato.

With many flavors of culture, live music, art exhibitions, and space intended for gathering, Element Eatery is a fun place to explore new menus under one roof.

5350 Medpace Way, Cincinnati |

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