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You don’t have to be a Van Gogh expert to appreciate the life and art of the famous late-1800s artist. The Dutch impressionist posthumously became popular for his paintings Starry Night, the Sunflower Series, Iris’ and Bedroom in Arles.

Van Gogh The Immersive Experience

Hosted at the former Fifth Third Bank building on West Fourth, The Immersive Experience doors open to tall, bright pops of blue swirls and yellow sunflowers. The larger-than-life gallery walls are full of light-projected paintings as soon as you walk inside. Experience hallways of sights and sounds, sit inside Van Gogh’s bedroom of the Arles, watch 360 degree grandiose projected art films, color your own Van Gogh painting and walk through a Dutch farm on the highly recommend Virtual Reality headset.

Why Mom loves the experience:

Mom loves the Van Gogh Immersive Experience for its unique way of involving kids in art. If your little one is easily distracted at a traditional art museum, consider the Van Gogh experience! Children’s sensory needs are filled with sounds of a Dutch village, evolving colors, different shades of light and the opportunity to color their own masterpiece.

The gallery hallways are spacious with plenty of room to navigate strollers. The second floor is home to the 360 degree immersion room where children can find a corner to quietly dance and play among the projections. Each gallery is easily accessible with an elevator to the second floor.

Why kids love the Van Gogh experience:

If the art is immense to an adult, imagine how grand the experience is as a kid. For some children, this may be the first time they’ve seen Van Gogh’s art in person, how cool that it is projected by light! The immersion keeps kids at attention as it is always moving and flowing, making it almost impossible to get “bored.”

Children can also get hands-on after the immersion room in Van Gogh’s art studio. Several stations are set up to invite families to color in one of his famous paintings or create their very own design. Afterwards, align the specially-marked QR code paper under the projector to see your own art on the wall!

Virtual Reality Experience

Van Gogh The Immersive Experience offers different packages for families including the highly recommended VIP experience. This includes a VIP lanyard, entrance to the galleries, a poster of your choice and the VR experience. If you’ve never used an Oculus before, Van Gogh makes for a really awesome first time with a VR headset.

Admission + Dates

Through February 2023, Cincinnati will host The Immersive Experience, bringing cultural art to downtown. Plan to spend 60-75 minutes in the galleries before finishing at the gift shop. Ticket prices start at $34.90 for adults, $19.90 for children and is open for all ages. Free entry under age 4. Located at 18 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati OH 45202.

Purchase your tickets for Van Gogh the Immersive Experience here.

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