Music Garden coming to Highfield Discovery Garden

Great Parks of Hamilton County announced a Music Garden is being added at Highfield Discovery Garden, an interactive space that will bring joy to guests and inspire future generations of musicians, gardeners and nature lovers. The music garden will be located within Glenwood Gardens and will include large outdoor instruments and an accessible stage that can be used for self-directed and sensory play.

“The Music Garden at Highfield Discovery Garden will allow children and users of all ages to understand connections between nature and music while creating their own performances encouraged by the nature around them,” said Todd Palmeter, CEO of Great Parks.

The music garden’s stage will be surrounded by five music stations and will include a collection of high-quality outdoor percussive musical instruments, such as double-sided chimes and a tung drum. Special plantings to be chosen for the area will build upon the music garden theme, possibly through the names of the plants, the sound they make, or through visual appearances that may evoke musical inspiration. The garden will also include an accessible path in the shape of a treble clef. Children and guests will be encouraged to be hands-on with the instruments as they move around the treble clef path or enjoy a program by a Great Parks Interpreter, artist or local performer.

This project fulfills public requests for investment in new play and education experiences that were made through development of the Great Parks Comprehensive Master Plan. Specifically, the Master Plan calls for integrating nature, programming and facilities to provide unique offerings in every park that instill lasting memories in all users.

Children’s groups, garden clubs, local artists and the surrounding community will be encouraged to take advantage of the space through formal programs and informal visits. Great Parks programs will lead to sensory experiences where people of all ages and abilities, including the hearing and sight impaired, can connect with nature and each other in a highly inclusive way. Plans include designated program times for a sensory-friendly experience. Great Parks also plans to develop programs for the garden to align with the curricular needs of local schools.

Great Parks expresses special appreciation to the investors helping to make this project possible including the Ohio Department of Natural Resources NatureWorks program, Dorothy B. Francis Charitable Foundation, Highfield Foundation and Robert Gould Foundation.

The project is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.

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