Taste-T-Love Baby Food

With my oldest (now almost 8!), I wanted to be SuperMom. For me, this meant demonstrating my momming abilities with cloth diapering, made-from-scratch baby food, elaborately planned parties and a fancy baby book. (In other words, a lot of extra work.) When Julian started solids, I purchased an expensive baby food-making set with a steamer and food processor, and I set to work making my very own (organic, super healthy and colorful) baby food.

This lasted all of a couple weeks. Because it was time consuming and expensive… and those little pre-made pouches and jars were just so much more convenient.

Eight years (and three more kids) later, I’ve definitely relaxed. I realize that being a good mom has nothing to do with all that stuff (unless you enjoy al that stuff, in which case – do it!). So when I heard about Taste-T-Love Baby Food, I was thrilled. I have a baby who is about to start solids, and the idea of another mom hand-making delicious food for my daughter is the best of all worlds!

Taste-T-Love Baby Food is homemade, all natural baby food — for parents who don’t have time to make homemade, all natural baby food. Dayton Mompreneur Kourtney Terry started Taste-T-Love as a way to help other parents give their babies homemade, all-natural baby food. If you don’t want store-bought baby food, but simply don’t have the time to DIY, Terry is giving parents another option. Taste-T-Love is homemade baby food — made with love — by someone else!

Taste-T-Love comes in convenient pouches and glass jars, in Stages 1, 2 and 3. Flavors like “Apple Beet” and “Sweet Potato Pea” are colorful and extremely accessible for little eaters.

My nephew Henry couldn’t get enough. Whenever you can get your baby to devour peas and squash, you know you’ve won as a parent.

Because the food is made fresh and contains no preservatives, you’ll want to freeze the meals and serve as needed. (We froze the purees for a week, and they were extremely fresh and vibrant for Henry.) Recently, Taste-T-Love added shipping, which is a fantastic option for busy parents (because, we all buy our groceries online anyway!). In the future, Terry hopes to provide monthly subscription services for busy parents.

Taste-T-Love is a wonderful way to share the gift of homemade cooking with your baby — without having to actually step in the kitchen! Visit Kourtney online at tastetlove.com, at local farmers markets or contact here here!

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