The Cincinnati Shillito’s Elves

Last weekend, we went to Santa’s Workshop to see the Shillito’s Elves in action… for the second time this season.

While Harvey has a major aversion to Mr. Claus, he is obsessed with the little worker elves in the Shillito’s display (probably because they are his size!). In fact, we went through two-and-a-half times because he just couldn’t get enough.

When you first walk in, there’s a big mailbox for kids to drop off their letters to Santa. You can even download a letter template from the website! Adults will get a kick out of reading the framed Santa letters that have been preserved over the years, located throughout the display.

Each of the 12 scenes features moving parts, lots of details and silly elf hijinks. There’s a scene where candy canes are being made, complete with sticky syrup splattered on the floors; a tree-trimming scene with one poor elf falling off a ladder; a workshop scene with tools and busy worker elves; a forklift scene with packages being shuffled around; and even a “Santa’s Base Station” scene with elves watching Santa’s sled on a radar screen.

There are questions posted next to each window display, which makes it more interactive (and prevents your kids from just dashing by each scene!). We had fun answering the questions and pointing out little details in each scene.

We will likely be back again… which is okay as admission is just $4, and kids 3 and under are free with a paying adult. As a bonus, if you show your ticket to surrounding restaurants (The National Exemplar, Mio’s Mariemont, LaRosa’s Pizzeria or Dilly Deli), you get 20% off your order!

The Shillito’s Elves are on my 10 Under-the-Radar Holiday Happenings list — be sure to check that out these next few weeks as the kids are on break and the family’s in town for the holidays!

Santa’s Workshop is located at 6940 Madisonville Rd., Mariemont, OH 45227. Hours vary by day, so call (513-620-4353) or visit the website before you go!




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