The Woods at Cincinnati Museum Center

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure into the wilderness without stepping outside? “The Woods” at Cincinnati Museum Center, is an exciting and immersive experience designed to inspire children to challenge their physical abilities and explore their imaginations.

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The Woods is a three-story area within the museum that will captivate the minds of even the youngest adventurers. As you enter this wilderness-inspired exhibit, you’ll be greeted by hollow climbing logs, rope bridges, and a horizontal climbing wall, offering endless opportunities to test your physical prowess. It’s a chance for children to let their energy run wild and embrace their inner explorer.


But The Woods is not just about physical challenges. It’s a place of discovery and learning too. Venture deeper into the exhibit to uncover fossils and learn about the many animals that call the woods home. Can you spot all the turtle friends, Penelope, Bodhi, and Myrtle, as you look out from the second-story wheelchair-accessible treehouse overlooking a pond filled with live river creatures? Take a moment to observe and appreciate the beauty of nature up close.

Don’t miss the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the woodland experience. Climb under the water, simulating life in a woodland pond, and get a feel for the ecosystem that lives beneath the surface. It’s a chance to engage all your senses and gain a deeper understanding of the natural world.

While The Woods may be designed for children aged 8 and older, younger children are also welcome to explore the exhibit. It is recommend that parents or guardians accompany young children to ensure their safety and provide guidance through some of the darker and cramped spaces that may be overwhelming for them.

Join in the adventure with your little ones—you’re never too old to explore! Adults are encouraged to participate and make lasting memories alongside their children. And don’t forget to try the treasure hunt! The first clue awaits you across from the slide, promising excitement and surprises throughout your woodland journey.

The Woods at Cincinnati Museum Center is a testament to the power of imagination and exploration. It invites children of all ages to embrace their sense of adventure, connect with nature, and learn about the wonders of the world around them. Plan your visit and get ready for a wilderness experience like no other.

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