This fall, Cincinnati Parks is giving away free trees

Let’s make our city a little greener — this fall, Cincinnati Parks is giving away free trees.

The free trees are made possible through #ReLeaf, a Cincy Parks program that has given away trees for the past 30+ years to Cincinnati residents.
Applications to receive a FREE Fall ReLeaf tree open August 1. Applications will be considered for as long as trees are available or until the end of September. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Planting site must be within Cincinnati city limits
  • Backyard planting is permitted
  • Planting between the street and sidewalk is not permitted
  • Pickup is required

Wondering what — or where — to plant? The 2020 ReLeaf Tree Selection Sheet has everything you need to know about making your selection.

More trees = a healthier city. So reserve your free tree and get planting!

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