Touch a Truck: Summit Park

Hello hello!

Last night, I took the crew to Summit Park for Touch a Truck — and, having been to quite a few Touch a Trucks in my day, let me just compliment the Blue Ash Public Works Department on putting together a top-notch event.

We arrived early, because once I mentioned that we were going to a Touch a Truck yesterday, it was all Julian could talk about (and I leaked the news at, like 6:30 am, so it had been a loooong day!). There were hats the kids could decorate with stickers, free Public Works workbooks and a giant traffic light the kids could touch and play with. And that was just the welcome table. Then, we entered Touch a Truck land.

There were tons of giant trucks to behold: a backhoe, snow plow, skid steer, front-loading tractor, street sweeper and vacuum truck (yes, I was able to identify all of these vehicles — when he was 18 month old, Julian’s first non-mama/dada word was “dig” for “digger,” so I’m hip to the world of big trucks).

vacuum truck

The city workers stood next to their vehicles (which all appeared to have just been washed), and were super helpful with getting my kids in/out of drivers’ seats. They kindly answered Julian’s million questions and handled the constant horn honking like pros.

They even set up a massive sandbox with playground-style diggers kids could sit on, shovels and sand toys. I love how hands-on these events are: what kid doesn’t want to get behind the wheel of a big truck? Julian was a little disappointed he couldn’t operate the backhoe’s rear bucket — maybe someday.

We will definitely be hitting up the Touch a Truck circuit in Cincinnati this summer — the next one is on June 8 at the Sharonville Convention Center!

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