Vigilance, Rules Can Help Keep Summer Injury-Free

Let’s face it: By the time summer rolls around, most kids can’t wait to be out of school and explore new places to play.

However, careful thought should be given to summer safety with the discovery of new play options. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), even one misguided choice can cause a burn that scars for life or a fall that creates permanent damage.

To prevent this it is important for parents to take summer safety seriously by establishing rules for outdoor play and, most importantly, making sure their kids are monitored whenever and wherever they venture outside. There are several outdoor activities that parents should be careful to evaluate and about which they should educate their children:

Pools – The number one cause of death in children four years of age and younger is drowning, according to the AAP. Parents can reduce this risk by being vigilant with their children when near water regardless of how well their child can swim. Parents are encouraged to be certified in CPR.


Trampolines – In 2012, the AAP issued a report that cautioned against any type of home or recreational use of trampolines. Trampolines can cause a wide range of injuries ranging from sprains to concussions.


Bicycles – Children should be taught how to use proper hand signals when riding a bike, and most importantly should always ride with a helmet. The use of a bicycle helmet can greatly reduce the risk of head trauma from a fall, the AAP says.


Sun – The first and best line of defense against harmful ultraviolet radiation exposure is covering up, according to the AAP. Children can wear a hat, sunglasses and cotton clothing to cover sensitive areas. Sunscreen with an SPF 15 or above should be applied before going outside and reapplied every two hours after swimming or sweating.


Summer can be the carefree time it was meant to be as long as parents play their part in keeping their kids safe.

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