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Looking for a safe playground surrounded by activities for the whole family? Then visit the Voice of America (VOA) MetroPark Playground in West Chester. This children’s recreational area is located off of Cox Road and nestled in the northwest corner of the park.

Surrounded by green landscape, lakes and plenty of walking trails, this playground is the perfect spot to let your children burn some energy while you can sit and enjoy nature at its best.

The playground is perfect for children of all ages. One small play area for preschool children consists of a slide and several climbing walls to help gain strength and agility. The larger playground is for grade-school children and older. With its bold green construction, the play area has several slides, bridges, climbing walls, monkey bars, swings and more. Plus, the playground has a rubber floor to prevent any severe injuries that are sometimes inevitable. With all the activity, this playground enables your children to exercise, be creative and build new friendships.

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Last Monday, my daughter and a few of her Mason Manta Ray teammates took to the playground for their weekly dryland practice. Despite the finicky spring weather, these swimmers were occupied for over an hour climbing, swinging and just having a blast. I, along with my fellow swim moms, sat on comfortable covered benches while chatting and watching our children. As the light rain continued and the temperatures dropped, these close friends happily played until it was snack time.

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And — snack time was easy! A short walk from the playground is a gazebo picnic area overlooking a picturesque lake {which includes activities such as fishing, boating and paddle boarding — all activities can be found on the website}. The children enjoyed their Hi-C’s and Goldfish while watching the baby ducks and many dogs returning to the parking lot from the Wiggly Field Dog Park. Also, this playground has become a new personal favorite because of its close proximity to indoor (and clean) bathrooms.

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Finally, as playtime came to a close, these friends were very hesitant to leave. They had such a great time at the playground; and the parents promised we would make it back very soon. Needless to say, everyone had an early bedtime that night.

No matter your location, you won’t regret a visit to the VOA MetroPark Playground. Not only is it a great place (rain or shine!) for children to play and create — the whole family will love the diverse outdoor activities throughout the entire MetroPark.

(Note: You’ll need a Motor Vehicle Permit for entrance into the park. This is available to Butler County residents for free; non-residents will pay $10 for an annual pass.)

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