What Cincinnati Parents Really Want for Valentine’s Day

Flowers wilt and die within days. jewelry will inevitably be broken by that sweet baby on your hip. Chocolate will leave you in a perpetual state of eye roll every time you walk past your scale. We’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day in our house. There’s something about obligatory gifting that has never appealed to us so each year we get a pizza (which, let’s be serious, is exactly what this mama wants in the first place) and a card with a quick note and call it a victory. I can honestly say I’ve never really wanted anything for Valentine’s Day. (Can you hear all the dads out there saying “oh suuuuure?”) 

I polled a pretty big group of Cincinnati parents who are in various stages of parenting about what it would be like to get the things moms and dads really want. This is what I came up with in no particular order (except for #1).


This was the most popular answer. I think every couple responded first with something sleep related. “I wish my toddler had a snooze button… a newborn who sleeps longer than 2 hours at a time,” etc. We’d all like to follow the advice of everyone and “sleep when the baby sleeps,” but does that actually happen?

HOT coffee

I don’t mean the cup you’ve reheated (and forgotten in the microwave) so many times that the taste is starting to fade, though you drink it anyway because it’s caffeinated and that’s all that really matters.  I want a piping hot cup of coffee someone else makes and hands to me while I lounge in my PJs and catch up on a TV show or the book that’s been sitting on my nightstand for 4 months. Which reminds me that book is probably long overdue… there goes my coffee money.

TV time

While we’re talking about TV here, I’d like to watch The Bachelor without hitting pause to feed someone. Unless that someone is myself of course and we’re talking about Oreos. I’ll hit pause for that.

An extra hour

Another popular answer. I’d like to have time to shave both legs in the shower, personally. Kids seems to have some kind of sixth sense that tells them to wake up from a nap the minute one of their parents jump in the shower. How about 4 or 5 minutes to gather your thoughts and feed yourself before the kiddies wake up in the morning? Yes, please.


“But wait you said in the beginning you didn’t want jewelry!” I don’t want new jewelry. I want to wear the jewelry I already have without it being torn from my ears and neck by a curious (and incredibly strong) infant.


Another popular answer among my mom friends. Hot food. Cereal that hasn’t gone soggy. A snack I don’t have to share. Food on my plate and not on my clothes and in my hair.

A fairy godmother

Oh to come home from a trip to the zoo to find my house has been magically transformed into a pristine palace. Folded clean laundry, a glistening bathroom, neatly organized toys and books and dinner on the stove. Ahh someone pinch me. Think she could tackle the horror that undoubtedly lies beneath my little one’s car seat? How about walking (or being walked by, rather) my crazy dog? Add that to the list please.

Nice things

I’d like to buy something without immediately questioning how it can be cleaned or how I’ll prevent it from being covered in spit up or sweet potatoes. Or to actually wear that nice dress I have hanging in my closet but leave on the hanger because i will inevitably also be wearing someone’s lunch.

Two hands

To have access to both of my hands for a whole day. To eat with both hands. To fold laundry with both hands. To get dressed with both hands. And while we’re at it, I’ll take an EXTRA two hands to help me do all the chores so I can snuggle my sweet baby.

“One more”

One more newborn nap on my chest. One more bottle he still needs me to hold. One more day to enjoy that goofy gummy grin before he gets his first tooth. One more feeding in the middle of the night when the house is silent and it’s just the two of us awake. One more minute holding him while he sleeps before I put him in his crib. One more day in those sweet baby blue jammies that I brought him home in. That’s what I really want when it all comes down to it. One more opportunity to enjoy just how little he is even though he seems to be getting so big so fast. Isn’t that what we all really want?

Disclaimer: I hope you won’t see this as a list of complaints, but more a list of ways our lives have changed since having little ones. Consider it a rundown of things we can all relate to! Happy Valentine’s Day!

emilydaffinAbout Emily:

Emily grew up just north of Cincinnati in Hamilton, OH and now lives in Western Hills with her husband Jim, their son James and their lunatic yellow lab, Rosey. Emily graduated from Xavier University (Go Muskies!), and is now a stay at home mom after working in marketing and promotions for local radio and TV stations.

Emily spends most of her free time visiting the manatees (James’ favorite) at the Cincinnati Zoo, shopping at local antique shops, or singing Beatles songs with James who typically just stares at her like she’s crazy. Emily hopes one day he’ll join in but for now she enjoys his giggles. She also enjoys photography and has quickly turned into a Pure Barre addict while trying to melt away the daily milkshakes she consumed while pregnant. So far it’s going well, but Skyline frequently gets in the way.

Emily loves to write and is looking forward to connecting with other Moms in Cincinnati while writing for Cincinnati Parent.

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