Boone County Public Library’s new Hebron Branch is open!

Great news: Boone County Public Library’s new Hebron Branch is open!

One of the best resources we have as parents is the public library. Even at a time when most of our reading happens online (like you’re doing right now), the library is still a crucial part of the community for families, children and residents of all ages. I started taking my children to our local library in Northern Kentucky when they were babies and it is still one of our favorite places to visit.

When we moved to Hebron almost three years ago, we were thrilled to learn that a new branch of Boone County Public Libraries would be opening up just down the street. That Hebron Branch is now open and we were so excited to go check it out on its opening day.

The Hebron branch library sits right on the round a bout off 237 in Hebron, conveniently located for those in the area. The building provides a modern setting and much needed gathering space for the community and a place where the many families of this neighborhood and surrounding areas can enjoy. I was very excited to check out two features of the new library – the children’s space and the space for working, as I work from home and am always on the look out for new places to be productive. I’m happy to report that this new branch delivers on both and we thoroughly enjoyed our first visit. 

The children’s section is spacious, bright and filled with brand new books for eager, young readers. My kids headed straight to the shelves to find a few new stories for us to share (my daughter) and sports to read about (my son). Babies and toddlers will especially love this area for the hands on features and adjacent room for story times and events. As much as I loved this section, my favorite thing about this new library is the reading area along the back. The entire wall is made of windows and there is even a patio outside with tables and chairs. It’s definitely a unique library space and one I feel the community will fully utilize.

Another feature to note about the library is the “Maker Space” room that has equipment for 3D printing, laser engraving, quilting and photography. You can reserve a time in here to be creative and engage in a hobby, without having to have the expensive equipment at home. There were also reservable study rooms and meeting rooms, ideal for many gatherings. For the most unique feature of the library, head outside to the mile-long story walk. It begins to the left of the entrance and you’ll walk along a paved path and read the book, Kite Day, by local author Will Hillenbrand. My kids loved this and I loved that we got to read and move at the same time.


While there are still some finishing touches to put on the library and the exterior, it’s easy to see that this new addition to Boone County Public Libraries will be a favorite spot for many. If you live in Northern Kentucky or just have a passion for libraries and books, be sure to stop by, check it out, and even spend time reading on the back patio of this unique library.

The Hebron Branch can be found at 1863 North Bend Road, Hebron, KY 41048. For more information and hours, visit its website here

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