Build Backyard Fun with Recreations Outlet

Spring is here, and Cincinnati kids are flocking outdoors. While our city has some seriously amazing playgrounds, sometimes you just want to let your kids play a little closer to home. This is where having a backyard playset can really save the day summer!

I remember my own playset; my brothers and I would spend hours climbing, swinging, sliding and conspiring. Pretending and getting lost in our games. Being a kid is such a magical time, and a home playset gives your kids someplace where they can get lost in their own world – all from the safety of your own backyard! And in Cincinnati, the place to go for playsets is Milford’s Recreations Outlet. Want to learn more?

Here are 5 Reasons to Build Backyard Fun with Recreations Outlet:

It’s a local, family-run business

Statistics show that every dollar spent at a locally owned business generates roughly three times more economic activity than the same dollar spent at a national franchise. Additionally, the revenue from shopping locally boosts area employment, and the taxes support schools and emergency services.

For over 30 years, Recreations Outlet has been Ohio’s Playground Headquarters. Recreations Outlet specializes in heirloom-quality wood swing sets, top-of-the-line basketball hoops and the safest, spring-free trampolines on the market. And when you walk into Recreations Outlet, you can ask questions, test products, and purchase the right item the first time.

Two words: customer service

Need more incentive to support local businesses? Small business merchants are experts in their field, and offer unparalleled customer service when it comes to the products they sell. This translates into less “buyer’s remorse” and decreases the likelihood of having to go through the hassle of returning your purchase.

At Recreations Outlet, you’ll get top treatment. The experts on the floor can answer any questions or concerns you have, and help figure out what’s right for your family (but they’ll also just let your kids play — no “pushy” sales people here!). They’ll come out to your home to build and install the playset in a safe, professional manner — no complicated, time-consuming DIY required.

Summer is the time to get a playset!

School’s out and kids need outlets for all that pent-up energy. Think of all the time your kids spend outside during the summer — late nights catching fireflies, water balloon wars, grill-outs… With a backyard playset or trampoline, your yard will become the neighborhood hot spot. A backyard playset is really something you can enjoy year round, but summer is the prime time to take the leap (trampoline pun intended)!

Try before you buy

A playset is an investment, so you want to make sure you get the right one. Recreations Outlet encourages families to “test before you invest” with its expansive, kid-friendly showroom. And what better way for kids to “test” than by playing? Recreations Outlet offers Birthday Party packages, Open Play 7 days a week and budget-friendly “Charitable Play” times on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9-11 am (at just $4/kid, this is truly one of the best-kept secrets in town).

My kids love the showroom at Recreations Outlet. There are huge trampolines, playsets in every size and setup, foosball tables, basketball hoops and more. (This is a fantastic indoor option for when it’s rainy or just too hot, by the way.)

You’re investing in memories

The playsets at Recreations Outlet are top quality and built to stand in your backyard for years and years. As such, they’re admittedly not the inexpensive, build-it-yourself sets you see at big-box retailers. But these playsets are going to become part of your home; much like a house addition or renovation, so they should be viewed as an investment. (Think about how much you spent on your last vacation, which probably lasted just a week? With a playset from Recreations Outlet, you’re literally investing in something that will stay outside forever.)

I have fond memories of playing with my brothers and the neighborhood kids in our backyard playset, and I’m sure you do, too! This summer, head to Ohio’s Playground Headquarters and build backyard fun with Recreations Outlet.

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