Cottell Park

Now that the weather’s nice, most days, we pack a picnic lunch and go somewhere fun. Earlier this week, we met some friends at Mason’s Cottell Park. This park is one of our favorites — there are two giant play areas spanning across 46 acres, plus picnic shelters, a picturesque lake, and various sports fields.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a family of geese — the protective papa didn’t let the kids get too close, so we admired the goslings from afar.

This park has it all: there’s the classic park set-up of swings, slides and bridges. A lot of it it shaded, which is great for sunny afternoons. Mary loves the swings, and is really proud to have graduated to the “big girl” swing this year!

This park also has a bunch of really unique, interactive stuff. If your kids like spinning, this park doesn’t disappoint, with multiple spinning seats and an entire slide made out of spinning rollers.

For older kids, there are bars and rings for hanging upside down on, a mini rock wall for climbing, and a giant rock for playing on.

Being 4, Julian’s favorite thing is the ropes course — and this one isn’t for the faint of heart! There’s a rope bridge that leads up to the rope pyramid, which is really high up! (I’ve actually climbed this structure myself — it’s a lot of fun!)

Don’t worry, though — the playground is covered in cushy, rubbery turf. I love this feature, as I have a wanting-to-walk 10 month old, and it’s nice to let him cruise (and tumble) freely.

Whenever we go to this park, my kids run and play the entire time. In fact, on Monday afternoon, the 10-month-old tumbler took a 2 hour nap, and the older two happily settled down for quiet time. A beautiful afternoon, awesome park, cooperative kids — what more can a parent ask for?




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