At Mathnasium we work with students one on one to make sure that they have a deep understanding of math, while making it fun! Over the summer is a good time to catch up, keep up, or even get ahead. We make sure that the work we complete with your student is appropriate to their understanding level, not just their grade level. Let’s make this a Mathnasium summer and kick learning into high gear!

Anderson: 7625 Beechmont Avenue / (513) 231-6284
Blue Ash: 9525 Kenwood Road / (513) 984-1212
Hyde Park: 3974 Red Bank Road / (513) 832-8773
Loveland: 700 Loveland Madeira Road / (513) 781-3002
Mason: 8217 Arbor Square Drive / (513) 683-9800
West Chester: 7602 Cox Lane / (513) 296-2000
Website: https://mathnasium.com
Emails: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]
Gender of Campers: All
Dates: June 1 through August 31
Hours: Varies
Ages: School Aged

Q&A with the Mathnasium:

What makes the Mathnasium camps unique?

We focus on students math understanding and make sure to create a customized learning plan to help them feel supported, as well as challenged. We foster independence in each student so that they can build confidence, but we also know how to be there and create a structure to help each student thrive and grow.

What activities are offered at Mathnasium?

Our one hour long sessions are a good way to help students get a boost in math each day they are in the center, without feeling overwhelmed when they come! We also offer some fun opportunities for STEM activities at some of our locations so that students can experiment and see how math can be applicable in situations they might not have thought about.

What is the camper-to-counselor ratio?

For every four students, we will make sure that we have at least one Instructor. We know that learning needs to be a journey that has support, but sometimes the best learning processes are done through self discovery with a foundation to support through each step of the journey!

How much time do the campers spend outside?

We may do some of our STEM activities outside, but since students are with us a shorter amount of time we focus on the work inside while making sure to give students their own time back each day.

Does Mathnasium provide lunch/snacks or do parents need to provide them?

We do not provide meals or snacks, however, students can work to earn prizes in the center, which can include snacks!

What is the typical daily schedule for campers?

Since our sessions are only one hour long, our schedule looks the same each time. Students come into the center and are greeted by an Instructor. Once they are signed in we get to work right away tackling the next concept and moving forward from there. When it is time to go we sign students out and make sure that they are ready for the next session.

How old are the counselors and how are they trained?

The age of the staff varies at each of the Mathnasium locations, but we make sure that they all go through the same rigorous training course so that they are able to not only understand the topics they will encounter, but also how to teach them in a variety of ways to a wide range of learning modalities.

What accommodations are made for campers with special needs?

We are able to work with students with any type of special needs. If your student has an IEP or a 504 plan that may effect their math understanding, please bring it to our attention and we will try and accommodate any way possible!


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