Ninja Party at USA Ninja Challenge

Planning a child’s birthday party is not easy. Some people can execute pinterest-Pinterest parties. Some people cannot.

I fall into that second camp. But with Harvey’s fifth birthday looming large, I knew I wanted to do something fun and memorable — because five is a big milestone! We attended the grand opening of USA Ninja Challenge back in January, and it’s something he’s since mentioned again and again. And with American Ninja Warrior making headlines in Cincinnati this summer, it seemed like a great time to get our ninja on!

For Harvey’s fifth birthday, we opted for a Ninja Party at USA Ninja Challenge — and it was a blast.

From start to finish, Harvey’s Ninja Party was a huge success. The staff at USA Ninja Challenge made this day very special for Harvey and his friends – and incredible easy and low stress for me!

Setting up the party was simple. After pinpointing a date that worked for us, we were given a few time slots from which to choose. Ninja parties are 1.5 hours long: the first hour of the party is spent in the gym with a coach who organizes a series of obstacle course challenges for the kids. You’re told to arrive 15 minutes early to set up, and are allotted two large tables for the kids/parents, a table for treats and a table for gifts. It’s that simple. 

The basic party package includes up to 15 children (including the birthday ninja), which I think is a perfect number for kids. We let Harvey invite his best friends from school, plus a friend for each of my older kids. All children attending the party must have a waiver signed by their parents before entering the gym area — I was provided a link from USA Ninja, which I included on the evite. (There was also a stack of waivers at the front desk for anyone who forgot.) Each of the kids was given a name tag and cubby for shoes, socks and any accessories like watches or jewelry. 

From the lobby area, parents could stay and watch their ninja take on the obstacle course; they could also drop their child off for the duration of the party. The kids had about an hour to try out each and every one of the courses inside the gym. With 15 kids at the party, there were 3 instructors inside the gym area, which kept everything manageable and moving smoothly. The kids were divided into groups and got to try out every single exercise. The instructors lead the kids through a variety of obstacle courses, ensuring lots of one-on-one time for each child.

What I love about USA Ninja Challenge is that it really has something for everyone. Harvey’s party was comprised of a group of boys and girls, ages 4-9, and every single one of these kids had a blast. Each station offers a different obstacle course designed to improve strength, flexibility and all-around athleticism — all in a fun, fast-paced environment. There was a nice mix of guided activities and free play for the kids, who all did a great job taking turns and encouraging each other. 

Once their ninja time was done, the last half hour was spent in the lobby at the party tables for refreshments and presents. We sang Happy Birthday to Harvey and passed out cookies and drinks, and the kids were enthusiastically discussing their favorite parts of the obstacle courses. 

Harvey loves to move and tumble around, and USA Ninja Challenge really is the perfect outlet for him. I love that we were able to give him a memorable birthday, surrounded by friends, doing what he loves most. USA Ninja Challenge is an amazing outlet for this wild kid energy, transforming energetic kids into strong, skilled ninjas. If you’ve been looking for a fun place to host your little ninja’s next birthday, definitely check out USA Ninja Challenge.

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