Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

Finally, drive-by birthday parades and socially distant celebrations are being replaced with traditional get-togethers once again. However, there seems to be a spectrum of comfortability among friends and family. There are those who would like to maintain social distancing, and those who are ready and willing to go back to “normal.”

Many parents and caregivers are getting creative when it comes to creating get-togethers to celebrate their child’s special day. Check out these outdoor party ideas to keep the guests happy and germs outside.

Have a Picnic 

Ask families and friends to bring picnic blankets (or use your own) and spread them across the backyard, giving each group space, but still visible to the entire party. Set up a sidewalk station for leaving pictures and well-wishes behind. Opt for pre-packaged meals in individual containers or plates to reduce germ spreading, and stick to cupcakes and individual ice cream cups for dessert. Include a small picnic basket at each blanket full of little games and fun toys. (My kids can play with fake mustaches from the dollar store for an hour). Make a list of games that can be done from the blanket, such as Simon Says, Mother May I and balloon-themed games. Have you ever tried to keep a balloon in the air, using just your feet? Don’t forget Freeze Dance and Charades!

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Make a Movie Night 

Use picnic blankets or lawn chairs to set up an outdoor movie theatre, or make it a drive-in and have kids decorate a car that they create from cardboard boxes. Set up your movie night with popcorn and candy tubs at each blanket/car, and rent a projector to show a new family-friendly movie on the garage door. You can also purchase a portable movie screen, as well, if you think an outdoor movie might become a tradition. For those that won’t sit for an entire movie, there’s always flashlight tag in the backyard. You could also include a bonfire for taking a break and roasting marshmallows.

We recommend a visit to the drive-in theatre!

Create Some Art

Canvas parties are a perfect way to invite friends over to sit down at the easel and create an art piece. Most hosts provide the easel, canvas, paints and paintbrushes, and guide artists into something that resembles the art example. For younger kids, encourage their inner Jackson Pollack by creating splatter paintings on canvas. You could include face painting and even create a handprint design for the birthday boy or girl to hang in their room.

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Opt for Outdoor Activities

An outdoor party could have several different themes. A water party could include a water balloon fight, a couple of sprinklers set up in the yard, slip n’ slide, bouncy house, hula hoops and jump rope. Other fun backyard games that families enjoy are Nerf battles, four square, ring toss and an obstacle course.

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Keep the number of invitations low, activities out in the open and as much individual prepping as possible, and you can ensure everyone has a great, safe and unique time.

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