Nordstrom Shoe Tying Clinic

If your kids are anything like mine, then they have an impressive collection of slip-on shoes:

  • Velcro sneakers,
  • Uggs (knock-offs, of course),
  • Colorful rain boots,
  • Native slip-ons.

(And, to be honest, the same could be said of my shoes: TOMS, Uggs and an old pair of Saucony sneakers that are permanently tied for easy on/off. What can I say — I’m a mom!)

But — at some point, your child will want to graduate from slip-ons to lace-ups, and you’ll need to be ready! That’s where the Nordstrom Shoe Tying Clinic will save you.

Held the third Saturday of each month at 9 a.m., this free clinic is a great place to have kids hone their shoe-tying skills. A professional will demonstrate the ins and outs of shoe-tying, and then help each kid one-on-one.

The Clinic is recommended for kids ages 5-6, but younger kids are also welcome. I took Julian (recently 5) and Mary (almost 3 and a half), and they both seemed to get a lot out of it. Kids always seem to listen so much better when another adult is talking to them — and this was no exception!

All of the kids there were very well-behaved and attentive. Afterwards, Julian and Mary got special certificates, which they were both super proud of.

With three young kids, I’m going to stick with slip-ons for the time being — but next fall, when Julian goes to Kindergarten (do you hear that? It’s me, sobbing), we’ll likely take the big step into the world of lace-up sneakers. And, thanks to Nordstrom, Julian will be ready!

Nordstrom’s Shoe Tying Clinic is held the third Saturday of every month, with the exception of December. Please call 513-699-4190 to make a reservation with the Children’s Footwear Department. (Clinics start promptly at 9 a.m., which is before the mall officially opens — you’ll enter at the East Entrance by Anthropologie.)

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