COMING SOON: Oakley Greens

Cincinnati’s Oakley neighborhood is about to become even more vibrant with the highly anticipated opening of Oakley Greens, a new entertainment area that promises to offer a host of fun-filled activities for all ages. Located at 3065 Vandercar Way, just across from the Oakley Cinemark, this exciting venue has been in the works since 2022 and is expected to open its doors this spring.

One of the highlights of Oakley Greens is its two 18-hole luxury mini golf courses. These beautifully designed courses will not only provide opportunities for friendly competition but also offer on-course drink service throughout your game. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or simply looking for a fun outing, Oakley Greens has you covered.

But Oakley Greens is more than just mini golf. The venue also boasts two full-service bars, where you can socialize and relax with friends while enjoying your favorite drinks. Additionally, the “Clubhouse Kitchen” provides a convenient kiosk for placing food orders, ensuring that you can refuel and recharge without missing a beat.

The outdoor area of Oakley Greens is equally enticing, with options to cater to every preference. From cabanas available for rent to themed lounge containers where you can kick back and listen to live music, there are plenty of spots to unwind. For those who prefer other recreational activities, Oakley Greens offers corn hole and even a dedicated play area for kids, making it an ideal destination for a day of family fun.

Need a new birthday party spot? Private parties and special events can also be hosted at Oakley Greens!

To stay updated on the latest news and information about Oakley Greens, visit their official website, where you can find more details about the opening, upcoming events, and all the amenities that this exciting new entertainment area has in store.

Get ready to experience a world of fun and entertainment as Oakley Greens brings a new energy to Cincinnati’s Oakley neighborhood. Mark your calendars and prepare for the grand opening of this fantastic venue that promises to be a hub of excitement and enjoyment for all.

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