Schappacher Park Playground

I love stumbling upon a new playground, and a few weeks ago, that’s exactly what I did. After a long morning of errands and grocery shopping, I had a cranky three year old on my hands who was in desperate need of some playground time. I was in Mason, so I searched “playground” on Google Maps, and was shocked to find a new-to-me playground less than a mile from where we were.

Located on Old Irwin Simpson Road in Deerfield Township, Schappacher Park Playground is a hidden gem that’s quickly become one of my kids’ favorite stomping grounds.

Schappacher Park Playground is a perfect mix of old and new – but it’s the “old” that makes this playground really special. The four-person see-saw; the classic-yet-thrilling, single slide; the generous row of swings; the climbable, googly-eyed bug. These are things you just don’t see at playgrounds anymore – and my kids love them!

But the main attraction of Schappacher Park Playground is the roundabout. This retro piece simply isn’t found at most playgrounds anymore – which is a shame, because my kids go crazy for it. There are lots of places to stand and bars to grab, and they’re giddy with laughter as the roundabout spins around and around. (In truth, it often takes some coercion to get them off the roundabout!)

As I mentioned, this playground also has a nice, new play structure, which is huge. There’s a rock wall, tunnels, slides and lots to do to keep kids busy. And of course, when all else fails, there’s plenty of mulch for digging.

Schappacher Park Playground is located at 4686 Old Irwin Simpson Rd, Mason, OH 45040. In addition to the park’s standout playground, there’s a nice bathroom, generous picnic area and even a large, separate  dog park on the grounds.

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