Science of Sports

When the temps soared earlier this week, I decided to pack the kids up and head to the Museum Center. I had big plans to visit Tower A, but was a bad blogger and didn’t check the hours (Tower A is open to the public Wednesday-Sunday, 12-4 pm, in case you were wondering).

So, with a crew of disappointed, train-loving kids with tons of pent-up energy, I headed down to the Children’s Museum. We got off the elevators… and a sign for the Science of Sports exhibit caught my eye.

This exhibit is free for museum members — and included in an all-museums pass. The attendant said it was very kid-friendly and interactive, so we ventured in.

I’m so glad I did — this exhibit is awesome! There was a pitching cage where the kids could practice their fastballs, a track where Julian and Mary were able to race and find out their speed, a balance beam, rowing machines, wheelchairs where the kids could be para-athletes, green screens with simulated soccer and volleyball games, a kid-sized grocery store with healthy/unhealthy foods and so.much.more.

Julian loved being a boxer:

J boxe

Harvey had a blast rolling around the padded gym area:

Mary demonstrated serious “girl power” lifting weights:

Older kids will enjoy the treadmill, pitching cage and Dance Dance Revolution!

For the sports-loving adults, there’s a really cool photo display from the Greater Cincinnati Sports Corporation ‘s 25 Years, 25 Great Moments in Cincinnati Sports. The photos feature iconic moments ranging from high school to professional sports including baseball, football, basketball, tennis, golf and NASCAR.

Science of Sports runs through September 7 — so definitely plan on taking your kids this summer!


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