The LEGO Americana Roadshow

Hi guys!

I’m just popping in on this rainy Tuesday with the following announcement:

Take your kids to the Kenwood Towne Center to see The Lego Americana Roadshow: Building Across America!

It’s free.

It’s inside the cool, dry mall.

It’s spread out across the entire mall, meaning:

  1. Your kids will have to walk (EXERCISE!)
  2. Your kids will have to use a map (like, the paper kind with keys and stuff)
  3. Your kids will learn about U.S. Monuments (LEARNING!)
  4. Your kids will be inspired by the LEGO master builders. Seriously — these guys spent hundreds of hours constructing each of the structures!
  5. You can buy a Starbucks and do a little window shopping along the way.

My kids loved this, and learned quite a bit about the various monuments. It took us about an hour to see all of the monuments, and that included reading many of the informative displays.

statue of liberty

There’s also a LEGO play area by the Food Court, raffles and contests associated with this exhibit.

Definitely take a trip to the mall to see this before its gone! This exhibit runs through July 19.

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