The Trains are Back for Krohn Conservatory’s Fall Show!

Fall is a lovely time of year, filled with colorful leaves and cool breezes. It seems every family wants to find an excuse to be out and about this season, and there’s one spot that is beautiful year round, and especially in the fall! We checked out the new seasonal show at Krohn Conservatory, and it may just be our new favorite! Why? The trains are back for Krohn Conservatory’s fall show! The natural beauty of fall, the interesting inclusion of famous artists and the addition of trains all make this season’s show a must-see for Cincinnati families.

Krohn Conservatory’s 2017 Fall Show, Grass Roots: The Art of Nature!, surprised us in many ways. Although we shouldn’t be that surprised that Krohn has once again produced an amazingly beautiful and intriguing space, this particular show combines many of their best features into one family-friendly show. The exhibit is made up of a variety of vignettes, and each one brings a beloved artist’s work to life. As an example, Krohn shares this description: “Walk our Fibonacci labyrinth as you admire the radiant array of chrysanthemums, as painted by Monet.” Adults will love the history and intricate beauty, and children will be mesmerized by the varying colors, landscapes and inclusion of the popular trains that encircle the space along tracks and bridges.

The addition of trains this year was a welcomed surprise for my young children. My son, especially, loves trains and asks about Krohn’s infamous winter show on a weekly basis – all year long. So when he walked in and saw the trains, traveling high above the foliage, he was immediately hooked. And these trains are nothing short of extraordinary. Aside from the engine, the train cars are each created from all natural materials, and represent different artists, including Charley Harper, Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

Fall is an excellent time for families to visit Krohn, as they have made it welcoming and fun for the kids. On the other side of the Conservatory, young visitors can complete a scavenger hunt, while also viewing even more trains that whimsically wind through the botanical garden and stream, filled with fish. And don’t forget to head down the stairs to the waterfall and cave – always a favorite spot for my own children.

And mark your calendars for two special family-friendly events, coming up at Krohn this fall. Saturday, September 9th is the Fall Harvest Celebration from 10am to 3pm. Enjoy a fun day in the park and a festival of family fall activities. On Sunday, October 29th, Krohn will host their annual “A Very Green Halloween,” a family event for children to dress up, make crafts and enjoy a non-scary nature inspired Halloween.

With all of the family fun this fall in Cincinnati, be sure to add Krohn to your list! Keep in mind they are closed on Mondays, but open every other day of the week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m For more information, head over to Krohn Conservatory’s website here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 6.33.50 PMAbout Andrea:

A native Cincinnatian, Andrea has experienced life in all four corners of this city. After growing up on the west side, she headed north to attend Miami University, then moved east to Hyde Park and now lives in Northern Kentucky with her family.

When she’s not playing trains and doing the “hot dog dance” as a stay-at-home mom to her two toddlers, Andrea is busy writing for Cincinnati (and, ahem, Kentucky!) publications and brainstorming ideas for her next children’s book! With a newfound passion for fitness and overall health, she spends a lot of time at her family gym and loves to play outside.

Andrea worked in education for several years and has a special love for children’s literature. She loves showing her children all our city has to offer and enjoys sharing her finds with other parents. Her favorite spots include the Cincinnati Zoo (although she steers clear of the bird house), her local library and any playground.

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