Tour your local fire station – for free!

My kids are obsessed with fire fighters: their suits, boots, hats, and of course, their trucks. I’m sure you can relate! Kids love fire fighters, and here in Cincinnati, we have an entire museum dedicated to fire history. The Cincinnati Fire Museum is interactive and very kid friendly, and definitely worth a trip. But, you don’t have to venture downtown to get a fire education.

In most Greater Cincinnati suburbs, you can tour your local fire station – for free!

We’ve done this a few times: at both stations in Blue Ash, and most recently, the Montgomery Safety Center. We went in the early afternoon, after lunch, and were shown around by Firefighter Chin. He happily answered all of my six-year-old’s questions, and was full of interesting facts and information that fascinated my kids.

We got to see and go inside the ambulance, learned about the different types of fire hoses (and where they are located on the truck) and found out about the Jaws of Life, commonly used tools and which trucks are used for which jobs. My kids were captivated the entire time — and when a call came in on the intercom, they got a real-life demonstration of how firefighters respond to an emergency.

Once we got home, Julian drew Firefighter Chin a picture of the fire station, along with a note thanking him for the tour. My kids all had a great time visiting the Montgomery Safety Center, and I know they felt really important getting to see everything up-close. Taking your kids to the local fire station is a great way to make them feel connected to their city and understand the importance of a firefighter’s work — and will surely inspire your kids.

One thing to note: definitely call before you go. Every station is different, and while most welcome kids, you want to make sure you’re coming at a convenient time for the crew. (Also, remember that you can get your kids’ car seats checked at the fire station, which is always a good idea!)

Many thanks to the Montgomery Safety Center for showing us around!

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