Your Family Needs to Walk Across the Purple People Bridge

Cincinnati is a river city, and its bridges are an iconic and quintessential part of the city’s skyline. These bridges are each unique both in name and statue: the Daniel Carter Beard (“Big Mac”) Bridge sports two golden arches, the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge was once the longest suspension bridge in the world (and looks like the Brooklyn Bridge). Then there’s the Purple People Bridge, a one-of-a-kind, pedestrian-only interstate connector that’s, of course, purple. Your family needs to walk across the Purple People Bridge this summer!


At 2,670 feet long, a round-trip across the Purple People Bridge is roughly a mile, making it the perfect length for little kids. My older two, ages 4 and 6, easily completed the walk, no problem. On the day we went, there were lots of walkers, runners, families, dogs and photographers on the Purple People Bridge, but the vibe was very friendly and there was plenty of room for everyone. That’s kind of the point of the Purple People Bridge: to connect people on both sides of the river and encourage everyone to explore all the amenities of Downtown Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. This bridge belongs to the people.

You’ll get lots of million-dollar views of the Cincinnati skyline during your trek, as well as up-close, aerial views of the riverboats. The bridge itself is stunning; the rafters and beams are all intricately woven together like a puzzle.

Once over the river, there are so many things you could do: peruse the Levee, visit the Aquarium, explore historic Newport. We chose to sit and watch the boats, and take in the spectacular Downtown Cincy views that Northern Kentuckians get to enjoy all the time!

Walking across the Purple People Bridge is free; we even found free street parking in front of Sawyer Point’s 1,000 Hands Playground (which made a fun end to the afternoon!). Definitely plan an excursion to this Cincinnati landmark; you’ll fall in love all over again with the city and be reminded of everything that makes our hometown a great place to live.

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