Best Places for a Winter Hike in Cincinnati

One of the best way to experience a beautiful Cincinnati winter is to become one with nature. Take your entire family on some amazing local hikes to enjoy exercise, fun, wildlife and of course the snow!

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8 Places for a Winter Hike in Cincinnati:

Bender Mountain Nature Preserve

Bender Mountain Preserve has over three miles of hiking trails, some with a fantastic view of the Ohio River. This is a lovely, heavily wooded, restored nature preserve that supports hundreds of plant and animal species. It’s been described as the “best place in Hamilton County to observe native wildflowers” by Dr. Denis Conover, botanist with the University of Cincinnati.

Buzzardroost Rock Preserve

The most popular of all trails in the Edge of Appalachia Preserve System is the one that leads to Buzzardroost Rock, which stands like a giant limestone monument far above the waters of Ohio Brush Creek. Ohio’s most spectacular view has earned its reputation as the panoramic scene from this hilltop.

Glenwood Gardens

This 335-acre park features formal gardens, prairies, forests and wetlands, as well as a 1.0-mile paved trail and the 1.6-mile Wetland Loop nature trail. Glenwood Gardens is a great escape from the daily grind.

Miami Whitewater Forest

As the largest park, Miami Whitewater Forest offers multiple trails, including the paved 7.8-mile Shaker Trace trail and 1.4-mile fitness trail, as well as the 1.7-mile Badlands, 0.8-mile Oakleaf, 0.6-mile Tallgrass Prairie and 2.1-mile Timberlakes nature trails, plus two horseback riding trails.

Sharon Woods

Sharon Woods is a popular 730-acre park that features 2.6-mile paved multi-purpose trail around the lake, a 1.0-mile fitness trail and the 0.7-mile Gorge nature trail.

Shawnee Lookout

Shawnee Lookout is well known for its historical Springhouse School and Log Cabin and Native American archaeological earthworks. The park’s nature trails, including the 1.3-mile Blue Jacket, 2.0-mile Little Turtle and the 1.4-mile Miami Fort trail, offer spectacular views of the Ohio River and Great Miami River valleys.

Winton Woods

Winton Woods is a 2,555 acre park that features 2.6-miles of paved trails, a 1.1-mile fitness trail, 0.7-mile Great Oaks and 1.1-mile Kingfisher nature trails

Woodland Mound

The breathtaking view of the Ohio River Valley from Breezy Point Pavilion makes Woodland Mound an extra special to visit. Trails include a 1.2-mile paved shared-use trail, 0.9-mile fitness trail and the 0.6-mile Hedgeapple and 0.8-mile Seasongood nature trails.

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